What Does Maleness Think

What Does Maleness Think??,,

Very often, when people are talking about a pretty lady, their reaction is that, let™s see who can bring this lady home or who can win over her, then the man who gets her wins. From this simple and common phenomenon, it is obvious for us to tell that too often ladies are described as an object for men or even a trophy that they can win. It™s true that women tend to be objectified by men. The reasons are beyond women themselves. Men love to objectify women because of their natural desire. In fact, men naturally look for mates constantly and it™s in their DNA to have sexual desire. As a result, they have a tendency to objectify the sex that they are attracted to.

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It should be noted that men are taught to be the one with the upper hand who owns a lady. For example, if a rich man successfully woos a pretty lady, people tend to describe him as the manly person. However, if a good-looking man chooses to marry a wealthy lady for his living, usually the public look down upon him by calling him the sissy one. Sissy is a common word that men use to insult another man for not showing his maleness. Therefore, it seems that to objectify a woman means a man is mucho and manly. Therefore, in the article Can Men be Objectified by Woman, Shannon Ridgway has raised a question about whether man can be objectified by woman oppositely. It is mentioned that some women will choose to go out to find man for sex simply for fun and once they have conquered a man, they deem this as they trophy that they won. (Net One) As a man, I believe that this behavior and notion is far from acceptable for us. For a long century, men are expected by the public to be the one that not only protects his woman, but also provides living for his woman. Also, a man is expected to be sexual desire that knows how to conquer a woman. Only these kinds of capable men can be deemed as a decent and real man. Therefore, because I cannot help being influenced by the traditional notions of men, I simply believe that man able to win over and provide living for the woman they love is the real man. I realized that this notion is somehow stereotyped, especially unfair for women. However, it is the traditional concept that has been passed on for thousands of years. In Muslim culture, people have carried it to extreme. For example, if a woman dares to touch another man other than her husband, she has betrayed the pureness that a woman needs to insist in her culture, therefore, she shall be punished or her hands might be cut. In Islam, a man can marry about four wives but a woman can only marry one man. Besides, a man™s share of inheritance is bigger than a woman™s and women must wear a veil which men do not need to wear. In Western culture, although it is one of the most open-minded one, people are still holding on the women as inferior and the second sex idea. Very often, although western people deny that they believe only straight men the only ones who can be sexual and get a pass for not being “whores”. This can be proved by the national scandal of Bill Clinton. When the affair between him and Monica was exposed to the whole nation, after Bill Clinton issued an apology, people gradually choose to forgive him. However, for the mistress Monica, even now there have been more than a decade, when she recently accepted an interview, the majority of people are still insulting her as the shameless whore. In my opinion, as a man, I tend to favor the side which benefits men more, as a result, from time to time, I unconsciously accept that notions which are deemed as misogyny for women. I would choose to blame the mistress as the poison to men rather than looking into the flaws and uncontrolled sexual desire in ourselves.

Also, there is another question about whether only heterosexual men can enjoy public display of affection. According to a lot of conservative people from all around the world, a kiss between two men was “too far” and “not necessary”. Obviously, people tend to believe that only heterosexual men are allowed to be sexual and if they are homosexual, they are forbidden from being sexual, let along doing public display of affection like a gentle kiss on the lips. In fact, although in America, gay marriage is allowed, it cannot be denied that a large amount of people are against it. Except for America and some European countries, in most parts of the world, homosexuality is deemed as don™t ask don™t tell issue or even a sin. In my opinion, for myself who is a manly and mucho person, I somehow believe the homosexuality makes us less manly. I do realize that my opinions are biased in some way because my maleness gender has affected me from thinking logically. Since I was a child, I was taught by my parents to be strong and smart so that I can win over attractive ladies when I grow up. In high school, I was influenced by other culture in media, television and movies. For example, the Brokeback Mountain terrified us with the fact that if we are not heterosexual, we might end up beaten to death by fellow members. In many other TV programs, it has been subtly indicated that if you are not heterosexual, it is almost impossible for you to be the leader of a city or a country. For example, in the popular TV show called Scandal, the smartest person behind the president back, the Chief of Staff has once complained that, If I wasn™t homosexual, I would be running for president. Therefore, all the idea coming from the media and the conservative notions put in my head by my relatives have shaped me into a manly person that refuses to accept homosexuality.

However, because recently, more and more voices coming up to defend woman, it leads me doubt that objectifying a woman might be wrong. For example, in the movie Avengers, because the director has slammed the Black Widow as slut and whore, it leads to serious objections from the feminists and this sexist super hero movie has hit the new low. (Net Three)

To conclude, I have always believed the idea of maleness means that a man who can conquer a lady with wealth and charm. If male is to act like a woman, or to rely on a women for his living, it means the sign of weakness for me. Also, homosexual men are also like ladies who are less powerful and enjoy less rights then heterosexual man. Although I know my opinions are biased, however, they are shaped by the preaching of parenting and the media around the world. Therefore, for me, maleness means strong, tough, being able to charm ladies and also heterosexual. -w


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