The Memory Will Haunt You

He was sentenced to death. After two years on the run, they had found him. There was no hiding now as they locked him in the cell ??“ a room made up only big white walls. But that was not the worst part, he was trapped in his own personal hell ??“ a jail of the mind.
The Doctors thought they were helping, thought they could save his mind before they killed him. They were wrong. They were the ones who needed help. They were the ones who were misguided and blind.
???You can??™t leave me in here!??™ he shouted, the sound echoing off the walls, to a passing nurse. ???Their going to torture me, they??™ll never leave me alone. They know where I am now.??™ The nurse just glared at him with a look of disgust. ???If you don??™t let me out, you??™re going to be next!??™
He let out a sigh banging his head against the wall. ???Why did you do this to me??™ He quietly whispered to the author, after all it was his fault he was made like this.
He noticed her sitting in the corner of his cell, her head in her knees, gently rocking as she breathed in deep pants.
???How did you find me??™ he asked his voice strangled. As much as he missed her she was the last person he wanted to see at the moment.
???I wasn??™t looking for you.??™ She breathed, still gently rocking in her crouched position, ???This is where I belong.??™
???You??™re not crazy.??™ He replied, his eyes sympathetic.
???But I am dead.??™ Her sharp eyes met his ???And yet here I am talking to my baby brother, the man who killed me.??™ Her mouth pulled into a twisted snarl, ???That sounds pretty crazy to me, don??™t you think??™
???I never meant to hurt you??¦??™ he looked down, the feeling of guilt and regret filling his stomach.
???Just like you didn??™t mean to hurt one after me I bet, but we??™re all still dead now.??™
???I had to! I didn??™t want to go to jail!??™
???You didn??™t have to do anything!??™ She looked at his with a face full of disgust. ???You deserve all that is coming your way, and so you know, the nurse is coming soon, be ready to die baby brother??¦??™
With a final chilling look at her brother she faded away.

???Brother is that you??™ she asked peering into the room to find him drinking alone on the couch. ???What are you doing??™
???Dad??™s going to kill me,??™ he said downing the rest of his drink.
???What do you mean What have you done??™ she asked, curiosity in her eyes.
???I trashed the car, it??™s completely destroyed. He??™ll be home any minute, and when he finds out, I??™m a dead man, and he??™ll kick me out the house.??™
???How did you-??™ she was interrupted by the sound of the car door being slammed shut.
???That??™s dad, please you have to cover for me!??™ he ran over to his sister grabbing her by the shoulders, his breath reeking of alcohol. ???Tell him it was you, please! I??™m begging you!??™
???And have him hate me??™ She asked trying to push away from her brother??™s grasp.
???He??™ll forgive you. You??™re the good child, the one studied hard and went to college. I??™m the waste of space that dropped out in third year, he??™ll never let me see light of day if he finds out.??™
???Well you shouldn??™t have trashed the car then.??™ She said breaking from his grasp and turning to leave.
???Sister, wait!??™ He begged grabbing her by the shoulder and pulling her back. Her foot got twisted in the rug, she lost her balanced and landed head first into the coffee table.
???Oh my god!??™ his father cried as he entered the room to see his daughter un-conscious on the floor, blood draining from a crack in her skull.
???S-She hit her head??¦??™ he cried tears falling down his cheeks.
???You did this!??™ The father screamed pushing him away and attending to his daughter.
???I-It was an accident, I-I didn??™t mean to.??™ He replied hovering in the corner of the room, away from his father.
???She??™s not breathing, call an ambulance.??™ The father replied looking at his son and pointing at the phone.
???I-I can??™t. They??™ll no I did it, I don??™t want to go to jail!??™ the son pleaded shaking his head and biting his nails.
???They will understand it was an accident. Your sister is about to die! Go get the phone now!??™ He glared at his son, eyes blazing as he held his daughter.
When he didn??™t reply the dad got to his feet to get the phone, but the son stepped in the way.
???Move, right now!??™
???Dad you can??™t tell anyone about this, promise me!??™ he pleaded, his eyes filled with the tears of a pathetic scared little boy.
The father ignored his pleas and pushed him out the way to pick up the phone.
The son was panicking, he didn??™t want to spend he??™s life in jail. Acting out of instinct he grabbed the bottle of whine he had sitting on the couch, smashed it against the wall, so the ends were sharp points.
His father turned around, alerted by the sound of the smash. His eyes went wide a second before cracking into pain as his son drove the piece of glass into his heart.
He stepped back in surprise of what he had done. The glass dropped from his hand and his father collapsed to the floor.
He panicked as the blood drained from both his father and his sister. He knew his mother would never understand, never forgive him for what he had done. This left him with only one other option. With a final look at his dying relatives, he packed his belongings, and left town.

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The door buzzed to the cell and two guards entered the room.
???It??™s time for you to leave.??™ One of them said, standing stiff with his hands on his hips.
From the corner of his eye he saw father appeared in the room, standing in the corner with a smug smile on his face.
???Dad.??™ He breathed, his whole body shaking. ???Don??™t let them do this to me??¦ Please??™.
The guards picked him from the ground, roughly pulling him up by the shoulders.
???See you soon, son??¦??™ the father said with a sly laugh, and then he disappeared from the room.

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