The Media a Dangerous Weapon

The media a Dangerous weapon for teenagers

People all over the world use the media everyday. Whether to use a computer, to watch TV, to read a newspaper, to talk on the phone or listen to the radio. The media is a way to communicate. Through the media, you can find out about important news, listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite TV show. But there are also negative sides of the media that can be especially dangerous to teens and children. Childhood obesity, wrong stereotypes, sex, network meeting and school violence can all be conected to the media.
I think that Television is the most dangerous weapon. Nowadays television programs are full of sexually explicit content and violence, as are many music videos and video games and that repeated exposure to violent media content can have dramatic repercussions on childrens and teenagers. The television news is full of stories of kids imiting violent acts that they saw on TV. Nevertheless there are another good programs which are entertaining and amusing.
Obesity can be one bad side. Childrens and teens today spend five or six hours a day using media, the equivalent time they are in the school. They spend as much time with screen media (tv, games, pc) as they play outside. Meanwhile they are watching tv o playing video games they eat a lot of fast food, snacks and less healthy food. The time they spend using media they displaces the time they could spend in physical activities.
Another bad side are the wrong stereotypes that tv shows. Unfortunately, most of the media do not show people in a realistic way. Characters on TV are shown with unrealistic perfect bodies. Women are too thin and men are shown with larger muscles. Photographs in magazines are tunnig or photo shopped on the computer in order to disappear imperfections. Even if you know that what you see is not normal or not real, it can still impact you. The worst is that many teens want to be like the characters they see on TV and magazines.
Sex is often shown in the media. Reality TV shows and teen dramas often describe the cool kids as the ones who are having sex. Teens that watch that kind of tv series are more likely to have sex or engage in sexual acts because they see sexual behavior in the media.
In the last time everykid have a computer at home. They use it in a right way like to play games, to look for some information, to upload music, to chat and to have social networking. Facebook is the most famous site to teenagers, another one is MySpace, but teens have to take care about that kind of sites. they need to take some precautions because there are a lot of hackers and pervertive people out there waiting for them to click on the wrong site.
The last topic is the Violence on the Media. Everybody says that The media teaches kids that violence is acceptable. In video games, the way to beat an opponent is to punch, kick or knock him. In some video games, you have to kill your opponent. In movies, the good guy wins when he kills or defeats his enemy. Childrens and teenagers seen violent behaviour on the media and it makes childs and teen act more violently.
When I read a newspaper or a magazine there are a huge headline if a teen commits a horrible act or crime and people inmediatly connect it with the media and the bad influence of it. But If an adult commits a crime people do not to try to make it sound like all adults are demented killers. Many articles have a valid point but most of them give the impression that all teens are unstable or violent because they play violent games or watch violent programs but its not the teens fault that parents do not know them or what happens in the live of their childrens in order to controll or educate them.
To censor teens videos, music or tv programs is not a correct way to change the behaviour of everyteenager. I think The media is dangerous but for otherhand it is funny and useful for everyone.

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