The Meatrix

The Meatrix
The presentation is subject to the viewpoint of anti-meatpacking industries. The Meatrix was trying to show how the reality of the harsh meatpacking industry is different than the ways of a subsistence farm. The cruelty shown was surprising because it said most of the animals do not even see the outside or even sunlight, they are just stuck inside the crowded fences of the factories. Even though the productivity of this method is impressive, the presentation is trying to influence the viewer to see the other side of the story. We got to be on the inside of the reality in the industrial dairy industry. The presentation also included the gross conditions that the cows are forced to live in. The baby cows are separated at birth from their mothers, and the milk that they are electronically fed contains cow blood. One of the quotes from the presentation to go with this was ???the dead are being feed to the living???. This statement was very effective in skewing my opinion towards anti-meatpacking industry or anti-industrial dairy industry. We also were shown that the cows are given antibiotic overuses and also artificial hormones to produce more milk. These harsh conditions can also result in mad cow disease. Through the presentation we were also shown the dangerous working conditions that this industry contains. People can injure themselves trying to keep up with the high demands of production which creates a fast moving pace for the workers. Another thing that we were shown dealing with working conditions was the manure and e coli in the meat. When factories are working at fast paces and there are many things to do, sometimes it results in mishaps like that. That would also be considered a negative aspect to the industrial dairy industry. High demands of these types of food can cause many negative impacts, but there are also some positives to this type of industry.
Even though the viewpoint of this presentation was toward anti-meatpacking industry, there were some good aspects to the presentation on the industry. The good thing about it is that it allows us to have a mass production of the meats, milk, and other products we get from cows and other animals that are used in the meat-packing industries. This type of production proves to be efficient and productive in creating the massive demands that fast food restaurants and also grocery stores demand. These factories have precise ways of production and everything stays on schedule. The cattle are subject to pain, which is why these ways of production can be practiced on them. The cattle are also held in pens for about two hours which help to calm them down before they are slaughtered. Without these industries, we wouldn??™t have the fast-food places flourishing and our demand for these items would have to decrease. The Meatrix displays an anti-meatpacking industry or anti-industrial dairy industry point of view, but they do not just focus on the bad conditions they give you advice on how to change your ways and gives alternatives to conventionally-raised meat and dairy products.

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