The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

Though I??™m young, inexperienced in many areas, and have not yet lived life to the fullest, I have found the three omni-present passions I know I will always live for: the yearning for valuable relationships, an undeniable connection with music and the lifelong search for God. Without my knowing, these three passions have effortlessly paved my path in life and guided my feet to walk, run, and skip along it.

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First, I have sought meaningful friendships because they melt away the frigid solid part of my heart. In life people come and go; some leave footprints while others leave dust. I have sought intimacy with people to fill a bottomless void in my being that seems to absorb my happiness at an incredible speed. Companions drive away the loneliness that so easily overshadows us like a grey cloud. With true friends, there is always a pair of attentive ears hungry for juicy secrets, bitter complaints and sorrows. With true friends, there is always a shoulder to lean on for undying support. To this day, I am on a continuous journey looking for anybody who has the care to notice and willingly share a part of themself with me.

Not only relationships, but also a bond with music have I sought and gained. As naturally as the sun rises from the east to west, my connection with music comes just as instinctively. When the world is uncontrollably crashing, only the peaceful sound of a soothing melody can calm me down. Magic seems like a childish belief, but no other word can describe how extraordinarily mystical the power of music has on me. As I hear the pounding beats and rich lyrics, my emotions stir accordingly. Maybe I??™ll dance, maybe I??™ll jump up and down, maybe I??™ll cry when a song reaches deep into my soul. Absorbed in my own tranquil world, I pay no attention to outward appearances, pressure to do better, or unfair judgment. Throughout my 14 years of life on this planet, I have acknowledged and am grateful for that invisible link that connects music and me together.

Friendships and music have constantly brought great pleasure to my existence. However, it is the last of my passions that tests my endurance and is the dearest. For eternity I will try to understand the heart of God. I have wondered why He has not taken away the painful screams during the nights, the famished stomachs aching for a piece of bread, or the story-filled eyes of the little ones who have nothing, threatening to leak tears. How can humanity be so cruel and merciless But then right after, I remember how heart-wrenchingly Jesus died on the cross that day to take away our sins. I remember how vast and immeasurable His love for us is. Every time I question, I learn to be more faithful and am encouraged to become a better person. Slowly, God has provided answers to satisfy my curiousity. By following God, I have realized that I know not even the amount a grain of sand is worth compared to what He knows. He has taught me morals and virtues; although I can never be as loving and righteous as Him, I can do my best to acquire His qualities. This is the never-ending race I must but gladly run ???til the day I cease to exist.

Little by little I??™m learning more and moving forward. I love my life. Relationships, music and following God are what make my existence on earth worthwhile. If given a choice to live life again, to breathe anyone??™s air, to feel their pain or happiness, and to experience their decisions, without hesitation I would eagerly choose my own.

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