The Mavyns Tour Diary – Hrc

The Supersonics and The Mavyns were kicking off the second half of their tour at Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad. We were all supposed to meet up in Hyderabad. The Supersonics were coming there by train from Calcutta (a nice long 27 hour journey), whilst The Mavyns were supposed to be coming there by train from Bombay (a nice semi-long 14 hour journey). Wait a minute; did I say The Mavyns were coming there by train I guess I need to take that back. What transpired in fact is a regular and fairly common story in the rock world ??“ The Mavyns somehow managed to get to the train station a minute too late, only to see the train pulling away right in front of them. So there we were, panting and sweaty from the long and wild dash to the train station, holding our equipment, silently waving goodbye to our source of transportation. If there are any musicians out there laughing right now I have just this to say to you??™ll ??“ Your time will come!!!! It is inevitable.

Now back to the story. So there we were stranded on the platform wondering what to do. Tempers began to rise and the official 100th fight of the band took place right there. Quite a historical moment. After a good 15 minutes common sense kicked in and after a heady discussion we decided the best alternative would be to fly there.

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Luckily Vivek??™s cousin is a whiz at these booking things and he got us on an Indian Airlines flight that was scheduled to depart the next morning at 6:15 am ensuring we would reach at 7:30 am which was about the same time our train was supposed to arrive anyways, if we had caught it that is. The good news was that our 14 hour journey was now cut down to around an hour or so. The bad news was that well, let??™s just say airline tickets aren??™t very cheap!

We spent the night at Vivek??™s aunt??™s place at Santacruz and made sure we left for the airport with plenty of time to spare the next morning.

We finished with the check-in and security checks and all the other rubbish, boarded the flight and got ready for our first flight as a band. Being a short flight it was really comfortable and the breakfast they served us was really yummy. We landed as soon as we had finished eating and collected our bags and stuff and headed to the exit.

As soon as we neared the exit we saw a young gentleman with a sign with Vivek??™s and Varun??™s names printed on it. To be honest, I really did feel like a rock star then. We soon arrived at the hotel which was a heck of a lot fancier than any of us imagined. I think it was called Hotel Minerva.

We soon checked in and rushed to our rooms. There were two people to each room, so Pradeep and me decided to be roommates leaving the brothers to bunk together.

The rooms were like we died and went to heaven. Super fancy and smelt better than me. Pradeep and me freshened up and decided to explore the hotel. We stopped at a coffee shop and had a quick wake-up cup. Whilst we were getting done, I got a call from Ananda from the Supersonics announcing that they too had arrived.

We quickly finished our coffee and rushed to their room to meet them. It was like a nice family reunion with quips and jokes from the previous gigs being remembered and new ones being created.

After a nice long chat we ran to each band member??™s room in the hotel to check them out and figure whose was better. All that running made me tired and I decided to head back to the room to catch some shut eye before the gig.

I awoke at 2 and headed to the Nair brother??™s room with Pradeep to order lunch. The Supersonics had already eaten theirs whilst we were sleeping. After a quick meal, we headed to HRC and arrived there by 4. The best part was whilst we were driving up we saw a huge hoarding across the road from HRC with the Supersonics and The Mavyns on it (along with the other acts for the month). It was an awesome feeling!!

We proceeded indoors, did the usual scouting of the memorabilia and began with the sound check. This place also had this glass isolated chamber for those who need to smoke. I didn??™t venture there because that would be like a gas chamber of death for me. But it was fun to watch everyone cramming themselves inside turning the place into a cloud of white and haze.

After sound check we had a couple of hours to kill. We had met this interesting bloke named Raghu who had come to interview us for some article. But he turned out to be super cool and took us out to a local establishment to get our ???Spirits??? up. (if mummy and daddy are reading this, i was just a spectator here)

So we walk down to this place which turns out to be a shop on the road with no seating place. I figure Hyderabad is the only place you can stand on the road just outside the shop and enjoy a few choice beverages without being arrested.

We also had this really drunk local guy who decided to stand just beyond the borders of our social circle and listen in. Not sure what he heard though, because after a while he suddenly pushed Nitin from the Supersonics and me and started yelling something in his local language. Before any physical altercation could begin, Ragu spoke to the drunk man in his local language and calmed him down. A good thing because a few members from our group were about to go paranoid on him.

We soon headed back to HRC and after a quick warm-up began with the gig. Being slightly happier than normal seemed to help. We began with a song called ???My Sound??? and were feeling really good in spite of everything. We had a surprisingly good crowd who were also very very encouraging. In fact i even had 3 random women come up to me and tell me it was a very good show. So it must have been good. Even the Supersonics kept our adrenalin pumping with their jigs in front of the stage.

The Supersonics soon took the stage and were as brilliant as ever. They even played a few song requests we kept shouting out from their recently released album titled Maby Baking. One thing you can??™t do when the Supersonics play is keep still. They are awesome energy.

After their set was done we deiced to combine members from the bands and do ???Rock n Roll??? by Lou Reed. It was a new and innovative version with Rohan from the Supersonics putting down his guitar and joining me on drums. That??™s right ??“ two drummers!!!

Pradeep was on guitar. Varoon on Bass. Vivek on keys. Ananda on guitar and both Vivek and Ananda on vocals.

It was a pretty manic song. Everyone just had fun and jammed and made as loud a noise as possible. The crowd seemed to really like it.

After we got done, we quickly packed our stuff dropped it at the hotel and headed to a place called ??™10 Downing Street??™, this cool pub where they were having karaoke night. We stayed, swayed and sang there till 1 am when some of us decided to head back to the hotel while the others moved on to another house party nearby.

The Mavyns had a flight to Calcutta at 8 am and I needed some sleep.

Right now i snore for tomorrow I fly!!

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