The Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix
Michael E. Brown
BUS 235
Professor Christine Stepp
January 10, 2011

The Marketing Mix

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Three reasons why I would or would not invest in Apple??™s company:
The first reason why I would invest in Apple is because of the type of products that it offers. Apple has brought out iPods for music, iPhones for cellular use and other features, and the iPad for business or school use. These are just three items that Apple endorses which are good investments for the consumer due to they all have something that each individual customer can use in their own ways. The second reason why I would invest in this company is that they have progressed in their computers and software. The Apple computers have come a long way from the 70??™s and 80??™s era from the Apple II computer to the current Macintosh computer. They have enhanced their operating systems and keep continuing enhancing new innovative ways to ???better??? their product. The third reason is the Apple TV. This product is another elusive idea that makes this company so unique. Other companies have this ???stream-line??? technology but Apple has its own spin and software into this product. Customers are jumping all over this not only because of its newness but its quality that it provides, plus, reasonably priced for the customer. They have came into the age of their version of bring shows, movies, music and photos to the customer just like their competitors with the addition of High-Definition (HD) (Marketing Apple, 2011).
The prices of the iPad, which is a light weight, touch screen key board less, computer that starts at $499, the iPod series of MP3 players starts at $49 for the iPod shuffle (smallest of the MP3 players), the iPod nano, (the smallest touch screen MP3 player) which starts at $149, the iPod touch, (the lightweight touch MP3), that priced at $229 (8GB), $299 (32GB), and $399 for the 64GB starts models. The last product is the iPod classic which is priced at $249. These products can be found at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and any other merchandise retailers that carry an electronics department (Apple Store, 2011).
The company has been very successful in its profits. In researching the Apple Balance Sheet for the period covering September 27, 2008 to March 28, 2009, the total assets increased from $39,572 to $43,237 (million), a $3,665 (million) profit. This was a positive gain for the company. These gains were shown in their Short-term marketable securities, Long-term securities, Property, plant and equipment, net and other assets. Most companies abide by this rule in determining the profitable success of their businesses. There were some losses during this period in Account receivables, Acquired intangibles assets and inventories as where there was no gain in Goodwill (Company history, 2011).
The products Liabilities had their gains and losses for Apple. The total liabilities increased by $384 (million). Their decreases were in Accounts payable and accrued expenses, whereas deferred revenue current and non-current had increases. Sometimes the business has to pay a little more into their liabilities for the success of its investors and employees. By having a decrease, this means the business did not have to put as much funding into those liable expenses. This actually is not a bad thing. Which leads me into how its Shareholders are doing within the company, shareholders play a vital part of the success of the company. The more people you have invested in a company, the better the chance it is to sell shares to those very customers, to include, the employees. The good thing about a business like this is that sometimes the employee will automatically be given an amount of shares unless the employee declines. The increase of equity is a very good thing for any company.
Looking at Apple Balance sheet, the Shareholders??™ Equity, overall, increased by $3,281 (million). The company??™s common stock is at $1,800 million shares authorized. The Retained earnings, basically, earning that the company held, increased by $2,808 million their accumulated income increased by $7 million. The company did not take any decreases in the Shareholders??™ Equity; a good sign for the company in keeping its investors very happy with the products that Apple are producing.
In conclusion, Apple is a strong contingent to its competitors and will keep being one with all the innovative ideas and technology that the company keeps producing. Today??™s society is coming into a more automation age more than ever, from touch screen computers to voice command products. This ???New Age??? company has shown that the Apple TV and iPhone will be very successful for the next two years or more, especially, with late comer customers like me.

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