The Magicians Nephew

August 20,2011
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Dear Alexis,
I know how much you love to read so I want to tell you about a book I read this summer. The book, ???The Magicians Nephew, by C.S. Lewis, takes place in London, during the summer. Two children, Polly Plummer and Digory Kireky, meet while playing in adjacent gardens. Polly was surprised to see a child since Mr. and his sister lived there. Neither had ever married. Polly noticed that the boy??™s face was dirty, and it looked as if he was crying. Polly asked Digory what was wrong and he told her he had come to live with his Aunt and Uncle because his father was in India and his mother was very sick.
Polly started to question Digory about whether his Uncle Andrew was really mad Digory answered that he was either mad or there was a secret in his study. Because the weather was so bad, the children start to explore the attics connecting the houses. They take the wrong door and ended up in Digory??™s Uncle??™s study. The children noticed a tray of rings that contained two pairs. His uncle dabbles in magic. Digory tricks Polly into taking one of the rings, and Polly disappears. The Uncle blackmails Digory to take the other yellow ring. Digory felt as if he was under water but he was not wet or under water. Digory saw Polly there and together they tried to get back to their own world . Polly and Digory found a castle in the world and they saw eleven women, one who was dressed differently and had a larger crown. Polly did not feel safe and wanted to come home but Digory wanted to explore.
Polly and Digory got into a fight and Digory got mad and whacked a bell by the castle. The bell kept ringing and then they heard a big boom and it began to rain. They found themselves in a castle and saw the princesses and tall queen. The queen stood up an then asked who rang the bell and who was the magician Digory replied he rang the bell and his Uncle was the magician. The queen asked if she could see their rings and the children found themselves and the Queen back in Uncle Andrew??™s study. The queen asked if the Uncle was a magician. The Queen studied his Uncle and then said to him ???You are not a magician. You do not have powers but use books.??? She told him if he did not serve her she would cast a spell on him.
Digory did not want the queen there and tried to get her back to her world. The kids go to Narnia and Aslan and the other animals help to get the witch out of their world.
I think you should read this book. I really enjoyed it and think you will too. From Jake

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