The Lost of King Charles in English Civil War

The Reason why Charles I Lost The Civil War

The? English Civil War? was a fighting/conflict between? Parliamentarians? (Roundheads) and Royalists? (Charles I/ Cavaliers). At the end of the Civil war Charles I was executed at Whitehall place, London. Despite than no one will run the country, Charles II (the son of Charles I) immediately replaced his father role of being the king of England. But during the Civil War, lots of lives were taken away; It??™s not just the king. Historians can??™t give precise figure but they can give an approximate of the deaths, historians claim that 84 830 dead but most of the deaths were caused by the disease than a combat. Lots of battles broke out during the civil wars The United Kingdom was not a pleasant place at this moment but fortunately It came to an end, the king did mistakes and lost the war.
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One of the reason why Charles I lost the war is because of economic problem. Charles was short of money, he needed money. Money was short because the nobles and landowners that was on his side didn??™t give any money and once a piece of land is sold off it can??™t be resold unlike the parliamentarians who had merchants and trader bringing in a steady flow of money also because of the lack of money the king couldn??™t but new men and supplies so the army got smaller and less well equipped but the parliament had a organized system also they controlled the south east the richest region in the country and also the navy based in the south meant they had links to different countries for supplies. Parliamentarians had a big control/authority over London because of Charles??™ mistake which is leaving at the beginning pf the civil war and was not able to control again.

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The second reason why Charles lost the war is because of his army. Charles had a good army but compare to the Puritans, The puritans troop were much more disciplined. Cromwells Model Army was not only well trained but also a well disciplined force. In 1658, when England supported France??™s war against Spain in the Franco ??“ Spanish war, Marshal Turenne was impressed by the good order and discipline of the (puritan) English troops.The roundheads were soldires who have been mistreated by Charles and decided to go against Charles. The situation was a stalemate, no one is winning nor loosing but until Oliver Cromwell surfaced. Under his leadership and the New Model Army the Puritans had put together, the Royalists/Cavaliers were defeated.
In conclusion we could strongly argue that the main reason to this failure was Charles no good attitude, In my opinion Charles was not a very good King he was asleep on the job an evidence that would support that statement is the way the king treat his army (Royalist) Charles didn??™t trained their army unlike General Oliver Cromwell with his army the Rounheads where Discipline was strict and the training was thorough. The way Charles dealt with economic problem is another evidence that shows that Charles was asleep on his job, he sent his wife Henrietta Maria to Europe to pawn the crown jewels and beg other monarchs for gifts/loans. With all those support to the answer now we can ultimately argue that Charles attitude was the main reason why the Royalists lost the war and got their leader (Charles I) executed.

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