The Lord of the Flies.

The Lord of the Flies wrote by William Golding, said that ???This book is an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature.??? Golding wrote this book as a response to the world war, ???War is the symptom of human nature, and war did not break up human society but human nature that is the cause of violence.???
This novel is an allegorical novel as it shows the defect of society and human nature by using the central concern which is between Civilisation and savagery that existed between human beings; the instinct to live by rules, act peacefully, follow moral commands, and value the good of the group against the instinct to satisfy one??™s immediate desires, act violently to obtain supremacy over others, and enforce one??™s will. The losses of innocence as the period of time they stay on the island continue from ordinary school boys to savages. The presence of terror causes people to overreact and lose common sense, tearing away at the bonds that hold society together which is the fear of wondering whether or not they would be rescued and the ???beast ???in the forest. In an attempt to calm or soothe their worries, people end up separating, singling out others and letting their inner savage take over.
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The story examines the behaviour of a group of boys after their plane crashes on an uninhabited island. At first the group has a great time, living with no rules or adults. Soon this ???paradise island??? turns into a living hell, revealing how humans can descend into barbarism in an atmosphere of chaos. He uses symbolic characters and objects, for example, the object, being the conch which gathers all boys scattered across the island for an assembly. The shell found on the island represents law and order; it grants the holder the right to speak in front of the group without interruption.
Piggy??™s glasses are also a symbol used in the novel; it represents the power of science and intellectual status in society. They used his glasses to make fire focusing the sunlight. ???When the hunters raided Ralphs??™ camp they took the glasses which are able to make fire.
The signal fire, used to attract passing ships or planes. This is showing that they still have hope of being rescued
Later in the novel Golding sharply contrast the conch shell to a natural object which is the pig??™s head known as ???Lord of the Flies??? which symbolise chaos and fear.

Fear, slowly drives all common sense and normal civilisation out of the boys and brings them back into savagery. They were scared in the beginning of the novel but that emotion was not shared or discussed instead they subconsciously trying to cover it up. This is why they started throwing insults at piggy making them feel more powerful and more control. However, when jack pulls out the knife in an attempt to kill a piglet trying to show immunity to fear but he didn??™t do it. ???Face was white under the freckles.??? It is not until the first fire that the boys begin to openly show fear and even then they quickly change the subject and try to just shake it off. The cause of this realization of reality is that one of the “littleuns” disappears. The idea of making a rescue fire is so exciting that they let it get out of control.

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Then as the story progresses the “littleuns” were certainly afraid but had no way to really explain their fear. This is the reason that they subconsciously create the “beast.” At first the “biguns” are too old and mature to believe in this beast. They realize that it is the “littleuns” imaginations and dont give much thought. However, as their fear of being alone and not being rescued grows, so does their need for something concentrate to aim their insecurities toward and to distract them from their real problem. This causes the “biguns” to begin to lose their common sense and to believe in the beast as well. Simon sees this, but when he tells the others “maybe its only us,” referring to the beast; he is laughed off because they have already convinced themselves that the beast is reality.

The Lord of the flies is the head of a sow that jack impaled on a stick in the forest as an offering to the beast. When beast talks to Simon telling him that evil lies within all human heart. The lord of the flies is a symbol for the power of evil like satan.

This book overall shows how emotions can affect a small school boy or perhaps anyone from being civilised, obedient boys with moral and sense of right and wrong to a savage and violent boys.
Is it really human nature that brings out our savage deep inside our heart Or is it the insecurities of your surroundings and the survival of the fittest.

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