The Link Between Ultranationalism and Genocide

The link between Ultra nationalism and Genocide
In the modern age people kill each other for various reasons, whether it be for land, resources, ethnicity etc. but more and more the world is seeing the systematic destruction of a group of people; an act of genocide. Entire group of people are wiped out because they differ slightly in idea or appearance in comparison to a radical, ultra nationalist party. Often genocide is carried out because of ultra nationalism that is present in a group of people, such as the Nazi??™s during World War 2, Stalin in the Ukrainian famine, and the Hutu??™s that executed the genocide in Rwanda.
The Nazi??™s doctrine of anti-Semitism, and ultra-nationalism was strengthened by the fascist rule Hitler had on the people of Germany. Hitler and the Nazi??™s truly ???believed that the Jews were responsible for all problems throughout history and wished to ???save humanity??? from the Jews at any cost.??? The Origins of Nazi Genocide (Trodue, Kevin) The Nazi party had complete control over the Jews and other ???undesirables??? within Germany, because they had files on all citizens. Hitler and the Nazi??™s used their power to create policies which influenced anti-Semitic ideologies, such as the Nuremburg laws which segregated the Jews from the rest of Germany. This idea of ultra nationalism that the Nazi??™s indoctrinated was their interpretation of what they thought was best for Germany; getting rid of the Jews. After the invasion of Poland they segregated the Polish Jews and moved them into ghettos, separating them from the rest of the population. Many Jews were sent to extermination camps or work camps where they slaved away in harsh conditions until they died or where instantly killed as soon as they got to the camps. There was never an order given from to start exterminating the Jews, but instead the ultra nationalistic ideologies that Nazi officers that were in charge of the camps told them that ???the advantages for killing them far outweighed the prospects of housing and feeding them.??? The Origins of Nazi Genocide (Trodue, Kevin) Thus the ultra nationalistic beliefs that the Nazi??™s held decided that the ???final solution??? to Germany??™s ???problem??? would be to rid the world of Jews once and for all, by exterminating them.
The Ukraine famine was a result of ultra nationalism in Russia under Stalin, and today is considered an act of genocide against the Ukrainians. In the late 1920??™s, Stalin took over control in the Soviet Union, and figured out that Russia was far behind the other world powers in industry and decided to industrialize Russia at any cost. This ultra nationalistic belief is what led to the Ukrainian famine, and the deaths of ???six to seven million peasants.??? Ukrainian Famine (Berkley, Liz) Stalin first decided that all Ukrainian farmland and livestock be turned over to the state, and all farmers were to work on collective farms. The Ukrainian people responded by burning crops and killing livestock. The policy of all-out collectivization instituted by Stalin in 1929 to finance industrialization had a disastrous effect on agricultural productivity. ???Nevertheless in 1932 Stalin raised Ukraine??™s grain quotas by 44%.??? Ukrainian Famine (Berkley, Liz) Stalin was obsessed with making Russia an industrialized nation and sold millions of pounds of wheat to foreign markets to obtain machinery. While the people of Ukraine were starving, Stalin closed the borders so no one could get out of Ukraine to buy food, and no food could get in. ???Six to seven million people died??? Ukrainian Famine (Berkley, Liz) because of this ultra nationalistic policy that Stalin implemented to industrialize Russia at any cost.
The Rwandan genocide was one of the fastest and most efficient killings in history which was caused because of the ultra nationalistic views of the Hutu extremists. There was always a social rift between the Tutsis and the Hutus of Rwanda because of the European colonization that occurred in the last century, but by 1993 tensions rose when the Hutu President was assassinated. The United Nations quickly stepped in and officials under Romeo Dallaire negotiated a ceasefire between the Tutsis and the Interhamwe, a group of Hutu ultra nationalists that wanted to exterminate all the Tutsis. But ???on April 6, 1994, President Habyarimana??™s plane was shot down while returning from a peace meeting with the Tutsi rebels.??? History of the Genocide in Rwanda (Barnes, David) This horrific event was the catalyst for the Rwandan genocide and gave the Hutu extremists justification to kill the Tutsis. The Hutu extremists controlled the radio and used it to play hate propaganda messages instructing all Hutus to kill the Tutsis and informing them where Tutsis were hiding. At the end of 100 days of killing the Hutus were stopped, but not before they had killed ???800,000 people.??? History of the Genocide in Rwanda (Barnes, David) The ultra nationalist Interhamwe group wanted to rid Rwanda of the Tutsis that they felt had oppressed during the European colonization, and they felt that it was beneficial for the country to kill them.

In the examples of the Holocaust, the Ukrainian famine and the Rwandan genocide, ultra nationalism plays a key role in the motives and justification of genocide. These right-wing governments or groups truly believe that it is best for them and their country to rid the population of a certain group, an act known as genocide. Genocide has become more and more common during the last century which implies that the world will be seeing genocides being carried out by governments in the near future.

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