The Legitimation of Gambling Is Bad

The legitimation of gambling is bad

In January 2009, the Legislative Yuan of R.O.C had passed the law of legalized gambling. Taiwan legalized gambling officially. Except causing commotion through society, many groups of public welfare and religion were opposed to the law.
These groups had held a national anti-casino parade on March 15. It is a quite rare chance to send out an urgent appeal get cross religion, public parties and territory. Generally speaking, the government thinks that the casino would help the development of local area and boost economics. However, some problems should be considered deeply and looked from every aspect.

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First, gambling has a bad effect on the private enterprise. Take examples in United states. The Better Government Association of the Illinois State had also investigated the shops which had set the casino along the river. The result indicated that 50% of the shops acclaimed that the gambling depressed their business and reduced their income. Originally, people are in the hope of that the gambling can boost their business. On the contrast, gambling defeated their enterprise how to write an essay about myself without using i.

Second, the casino did not promote the economics of the local area. Instead, it would beat the original industry. Take the Atilantic City, the second well-known casino in United state for example, 40% of restaurant and one-third of the retail store closed successively during 1978 to 1992. The rate of unemployment had raised double higher than before and became the highest rate of State of New Jersey in 1993. Meanwhile, because of the raise of the crime rate, the prices of real estate around the casino had been affected and fallen down. According to the data from the government, the rate of poor population is 23%, but the rate had raise to 25% even at the prosperous time of the casino. And until 1990, the rate kept the same. Apparently, opening the casino did not help the development of local area. ???Atlantic City used to be a slum by the sea, now its a slum by the sea with casinos.??? said Nelson Rose, a gambling-law professor and paid industry consultant. Nelson had even described the gambling as ???the black hole of the economics???. Based on the viewpoint of Nelson Rose, setting a casino is absolutely bad for the most of the places where it is not related to gambling original.

Last, gambling is often associated with crime and truly raised the rate of crime. When gambling restrictions are relaxed, criminals are the first to open up legal gambling establishments. Although most of the advocates of casino gambling generally emphasized the positive effects on an economy and generally presented the visible data which are advantageous to them in order to support their opinions. But the fact is the crime rate of society had raised and social security needed to be strengthen. U.S. News and World Report did a comparison of crime rates in cities with gambling versus those that do not. The crime rates were significantly higher in the places that allowed gambling. Industry researchers dispute the view that cities with gambling have higher crime rates and assert that the rates arent higher when the tourist population is considered. The article failed to consider that these cities are vacation destinations and their population is swollen by the influx of tourists. For instance, Atlantic City showed a jump in crime when gambling was legalized. The city went from 50th in the nation in per capita crime to first. But when the number of tourists are taken into account, Atlantic City doesnt appear to have a crime rate that is much different from other cities. The truth is hidden by the number of the tourists. Another researcher has pointed out that the crime that is attributable to compulsive gamblers is often underreported. This includes bad checks, embezzlement, check forgery and fraud. The crime rate is usually for street crimes, which arent typically attributed to compulsive gamblers.

To sum up, the legitimation of gambling is very important to the society. While gambling has always been illegal to Taiwan, underground gambling can be found everywhere in the island. The widespread illegal gambling had been concerned for decades. The issue would not be debated only for a while. The confrontation between advocate of gambling legitimation and the opponent has kept the Taiwan government from moving forward to the issue. Every citizen should put emphasis on the following development. Though the referendum of the Penghu County had decided not to set a casino, there could become another islands problem.

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