The Lamentation over the Dead Christ

The first piece of art that I chose is ???Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden???, it is a picture of Adam and Eve walking out of what looks like the frame of a doorway, in which I feel is Eden. It has an angel flying over them which seems to be making sure that they leave the Garden of Eden. The picture also has black lines coming out of the doorway that gives me the feeling that they are being spoken to, maybe they are being told to leave or maybe they are being scolded. Their facial expressions show that they are ashamed or in distress. They seem as though they are doing the ???walk of shame???.

The second piece of art that I chose is ???The Lamentation over the Dead Christ???, it is a predominately blue background with angels flying about, it has a rock in the background that looks like a ledge with a single dead tree on it. It has Jesus lying dead and people are gathered around mourning his death. The angels in the sky have yellow lights around their heads and also some of the people that are looking at and holding Jesus have them also, including Jesus. It makes me wonder if the people with the yellow light around their heads like the angels are saved.

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I paired these two pieces of art together because The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden, to me was the beginning of sin. It was the first disobedient act against Gods word. I chose to pair this piece of art work with The Lamentation over the Dead Christ, because in this piece of art, Christ died for the sin of man. So to me the piece of art, Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden was the beginning of sin and the piece of art, The Lamentation over the Dead Christ, is the ultimate sacrifice for the sin of man.

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