The Lady or the Tiger

The Lady or the Tiger

This story is just like a NBA finals game seven when its do or die time . Its when theres two seconds left on the clock when its tie game if he makes it they win if he misses they lose the game. Its the same thing in ” The Lady or the Tiger”. If he gets lucky he might get the door with the lady if lucks not with him then he might pick the door with the tiger. What would you do if u were on a game show and you had to decide between to things Would you go for the bigger prize with a small chance of winning or would you stick with the prize you already have

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Its when the guy is put on trial by the king because the man and his daughter are in love but the king does not approve of them liking each other. Its all because the king does not like this guy.
The king is not a very nice guy thats the reason I picked the king was because he is very good example. This king doesnt allow anyone to cross him or make him look like a fool. The king is very injustice to people. He is a type of person called poetic justice meaning outcome in which everyone gets what he or she deserves with goodness being rewarded and evil being punished. With him if you got accused of doing something your trial will be held in the importance of the king and a public notice would be given. In the kings arena there where two doors and behind one door is a tiger and behind the other there was a beautiful lady.
The one reason I picked the princess because she is a lot like her father in many ways. She is jealous of the lady because she s much prettier than she is so she loves the guy and hes put on trail shes like if I cant have him then nobody can. Thats when my question comes into use so I think she sends him to the door where the tiger is. I think that because I need him if I cant have him then I can do anything. Its shows that she is semi barberic. It also shows that shes spoiled and gets whatever she wants.
The very last person I picked was the lady because she is the prettiest girl from all of the girls that where up for prize in the trial . Because she was the prettiest lady she was up for held up for the princess love. Since she is called up against the princess love the princess gets jealous. When the princess finds out then she pays to see what door is the tiger in and then I think thats the door she points to.
My conclusion is that the princess points to the door where the tiger is because she said if I cant have him then nobody can. I think thats when she pointed to the door I think the door she pointed to was the one with the tiger because she already paid to see what door was what in. Now its your time to answer. What door do you think she pointed to

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