The Korean War

The Korean War
The Korean War, also known as the ???Forgotten War??? due to being overshadowed by World War II and Vietnam, was one of the first episodes of the Cold War. It was a war over communism between North Korea and South Korea during the early 1950s. North Korea had a communist government while South Korea had a democratic government. The Korean War, which started in 1950, was the first war against the spread of Communism, and also the beginning of the Cold War.
Both North and South Korea wanted to unify the country under its own form of government. North Korea invaded South Korea on June 25th, 1950 in order to unify Korea by force. South Korea was caught off guard, making it easier for North Korean troops to take over the capital, Seoul, as well as almost taking over the whole country. The only area left from communist rule was a small area around Pusan. However, UN forces in Korea attacked Inchon, a city near Seoul, in September of 1950, which caught the North Koreans off guard. Unfortunately for the North Koreans, The UN was able to take back Seoul and push them back into North Korea.
The UN decided to continue to fight, and later invaded North Korea in October of 1950. North Korea was almost lost entirely to South Korea and the UN forces. However, the Chinese decided to come into the war, and lent their troops to help North Korea to force South Korean and UN Forces back into South Korea. Seoul was yet again lost to the communists in January of 1951. Conversely, UN forces later regained Seoul back a few months later as well as pushing North Koreans back about 20 miles above the border, making this war go only back and forth.
Later on, The United States came into the picture and wished for peace talks to begin. However, peace talks went on without anything happening for the next two years and battles were still fought. In the end, a threat of a nuclear attack was made by President Dwight D. Eisenhower if the war would not finish. This caused an agreement between North and South Korea. In the end, nobody really won the war and disputes were still happening between North and South Korea.

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