The Key to Life

Stem Cell research has become a breakthrough in the 21st century as it has helped in the find of several new medical treatments, but has also been a highly debated topic. Many religious groups want to outlaw stem cell research because believe stem cell research is erroneous and against human rights. I believe stem cells are helping human society and should continue to be studied in research.
In recent years, stem cell research has become major news around the globe. It has helped in the finding of new therapies for diseases that have no cure. Stem cells are used as the repair system of the body helping create new types of cells (Saxena, Divya, and Jyoti 224). Embryonic stem cells can develop into any other type of cell in the body and improve the possibility of cell-based therapies to treat drastic diseases. Patients with paralysis have been said to recover their ability to walk, and it all was thanks research from stem cell research (SENEKE 222).
In recent years the number of people who require an organ implant, such as a kidney, has increased while patients on the waiting list keep dying. (Pomfret et al. 745). These stem cells could be used to create new organs which are then used for patients who need an organ transplant and save their lives. Claudia Castillo was dying of tuberculosis, she needed a windpipe transplant, and the doctors had lost all hope. She feared she would never be able to take her two children to the park, read her youngest a bed time story or take them to visit family in Colombia. These fears disappear as she became the first woman to have a stem cell organ transplant and survive the terrible disease. (Govana). Like Claudia Castillo many other patients are dying due their need of an organ transplant. Stem Cell research can save the lives of many patients who are waiting an organ from stem cells. Scientist are also trying to use this cells to repair damaged heart muscle following a heart attack with cardiac muscle cells (Saxena, Divya, and Jyoti 224). This research could have save my grandfather from dying of a heart attack, but it??™s too late for him. If the stem cell research is not founded, many fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers could die from a disease that could have been cure by stem cells. Scientist will lose the opportunity of finding cures for diseases that are not only ending peoples??™ lives, but also destroying families. It is hard to hear from the doctor that your mother only has a few weeks of life left because the cancer can??™t be beaten. The pain of knowing one of your love ones might not be there for you anymore due to cancer can become a thing of the past. Some scientists are using the research to kill stem cells that cause some cancers (SKENE 213).
It is understandable why people, mostly religious groups, might argue that stem cell research is immoral. They think scientists are ending with embryos??™ ???lives???, and though they are promoting abortion. This idea has spread like fire through the people, but it is highly incorrect due to the fact that stem cell research does not only use embryonic cells to do research. Stem cell research also use ???adult??? stem cells which are those obtain from body cells of humans (SENEKE 213). The donated embryos are no longer able to give life. If these donated embryos wouldn??™t be accepted for research, then it would just be discarded throwing away valuable research information that may save many lives. Also, scientists doing such research do not promote abortion in any way as the embryos are those that failed and are given by couples undergoing a fertility treatment which has nothing to do with aborting. (Robertson 192).

Stem cell research is the key to new cures and treatments that would be able to save lives. Such cells can be used to create organs for people in waiting of an organ transplant. Stem cell research could be also used to find a cure for diseases such as cancer which kills millions of people each year. Erroneous ideas are making people think stem cell research is inhumane and murder as embryos are used in the studies, so this people are the ones who vote to cut the founding of stem cell research. People should be educated and inform about stem cell research so they can understand none of such myths are true. Scientist should be able to keep studying stem cells, and the government should federally found the research as it is the key to the future of many findings which can help the human race.

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