The Importance of Speech

The Importance of Speech?

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My goal is that after this course, I can
deliver a clear and inspiring speech confidently. I also hope that I could
tightly catch the attention of my audience when I was having my speech, which
is also one of the standards for a good speaker. I take this course because no
matter at schools or workplaces, delivering presentations and speeches is a
part of necessity in many cases. If we did not build the skills of delivering a
high quality speech, our performance and job evaluation would be affected. Therefore,
it is necessary for me to take a course like this. Through learning, I hope
that I can obtain some basic knowledge about delivering speech, such as
wording, body language and facial expression. And I also hope that I can have
some real practices in terms of delivering speeches. Speech course like this
should give more chances of practice to students instead of spreading knowledge
alone, so that students can be more confident gradually.

I am worried that only theory would be
provided in this class. I always believe that theory is an essential part in
learning no matter what are our learning targets. However, as far as I am
concerned, delivering speeches is more about skills that knowledge. Therefore,
a lack of practice may lead to the immature performance of students. Whether
our teacher would provide us chances as many as possible to deliver speeches is
one of my uncertainty about this course. Besides, I am uncertain that whether
this course would pay enough attention to our psychological qualities. In many
cases, people cannot give a speech because of some negative emotions, such as
fear, inferiority or anxiety. These emotions would affected speakers™
performances. Therefore, some psychological training would be beneficial to
help speakers face those bad feelings and overcome their own problems.

Topics may include history, politics,
art, health, economics, energy and resource, culture and geography. Compared
with science and art, history and culture attract me more and I have more
interest in these areas. I have learned some courses about American and British
cultures so I have some knowledge in terms of them. I know some public service
organizations which deserve more attention. These organizations help some
vulnerable groups in our society, such as women, children and the disabled by
giving them financial support. In recent years, these organizations begin to
help individuals who have good ideas about solving some social problems to
establish their own ventures by looking for investors for them. The idea of
investing these social entrepreneurs is very inspiring and meaningful, and it
will be significantly beneficial to our society. Therefore, it deserves
promotion and should be encouraged.

As far as I am concerned, a good speech
at least should have a clear topic. The content of a good speech should be
meaningful and there are some information being conveyed to the audience rather
than some boring and meaningless talk. However, for an excellent speech, its speaker
should be confident and have the ability of conveying his emotions through his
wording, body language and facial expression. An excellent speech must be
attractive, interesting as well as inspiring for audience who seems to enter a
new world after hearing the speech. I think the key formal features should be a
clear topic, rich content and reasonable logics. Informal features may include
humorous wording, appropriate body language, interesting facial expression and
some interaction with the audience. These are some of the features of a speech.

As far as I am
concerned, the common pitfalls to good speaking can be reflected in the
speakers. For example, the pace of speech is not appropriate, either too fast
or too slow. Or maybe the voices of speakers are not confident enough, or maybe
the speakers do not know how to put their hands properly or maybe the speakers
are too nervous to articulate clearly. Or even worse, the audience do not have
any response. Root cause, from my point of view, is related to the speaker
rather than the content of the speech. Training the speaker to be more natural
and confident on the platform would be very important in those cases.
Self-practice in front of mirrors would be a feasible way to overcome those
problems. I always believe that an excellent speaker can even turn a boring
topic into an interesting one.

The speech of Barack Obama stand as
models of excellence for me. Every time I watch the speech of Barack Obama, I
feel inspired and a kind of power even though the content or topic of his
speech may be boring. There is a kind of determination on the face of Obama
when he is having a speech and he seldom read his manuscript which make
audience feel his sincerity. Moreover, he pays a lot of attention to his pace
and pitch of voice which help involve audience more when the speech is
progressing. Sometimes, he also ask questions so that he can have some
interaction with the audience, which is a necessary part in a speech.
Therefore, those speech in which the speakers have excellent performances
inspire me more and provide me an opportunity to reflect on my own drawbacks.-Y


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