The analysis of Canada??™s social issue

The analysis of Canada™s social issue

an advanced country, Canada has retained its front-runner status in economic,
science and
even military affairs. The overall social
security in Canada is good and the society remains stable nevertheless, just
like many other countries, there are still a number of social issues that
require serious attention. As far as the essay can see, the most important
issue facing Canadian society is the following one: Public security problems
with gun control. In this modern and advancing world, these problems have not
been solved, what™s worse, the situation is getting much more intense. This
essay will present a brief analysis to discussing these issues based on class
readings and film resources.

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violence remains a very serious issue in many western countries, especially in
North America. Gun violence is common to Canadians, and the gun violence always
triggers serious events, which also often triggers argument on gun policy.
Every year many people get hurt or die because of gunfire. Of all the shootings
in Canada, a large proportion are the non fatal. It is estimated that hundreds
of thousands of deliberate murder cases and non fatal gunshot accidents occurred
in total in a single year. Most of people why die result from guns are because
they suicide. In recent years, there are also many suicides that used guns. The
murder rate of gunfire keeps going up, which can lead to civil panic. The most
common locations of homicide and violence in Canada are the urban areas. In the
metropolitan area, there were much more murders than non-metropolitan county
since there are more refugees. Of course, Canada had previously accepted large
numbers of refugees-displaced persons, Hungarians, Czechoslovakians, Ugandan
Asians, Chileans- but each of these refugee movements was treated as a special
case requiring special permission to enter Canada. (Harold Troper, pg347)
Maybe the unfair treatment causes their complaints. According to the police, in
the age group of teenagers and youth, violent crime statistics still accounts
for the bulk of the overall data, especially homicide involving firearms.
Canadian legal policies at all levels attempt to resolve gun violence through
various means, including forbidding youth and other “high risk” of
people to buy guns, setting the wait time for buying guns, establishing gun
“buy back” plan, formulating police strategy policing strategies,
using targeted enforcement, sentencing severe punishment for carrying guns
illegally, offering parents and children to educational courses. Some policies
such as gun repurchase program acquires a little success, and meanwhile
Operation Ceasefire does reduce teenage violence effectively. Guns themselves have potentially
lethal abilities, so regardless of the victims or perpetrators using guns, the
guns themselves are dangerous to the public due to the many gun accidents that
happen every year. As a result of the death and injury caused by suicide,
accidents, murder and other crimes, guns pose one of the most serious social

why does this issue happen in Canada, which is a developed and strong country? First,
the law has its own weaknesses. Public security of gun control has presented problems
for a very long time. Despite this, prohibiting firearms in Canada is very
difficult to implement, which is related to legal reasons. Canada is a
democratic country, and it legally allows its citizens to possess firearms
providing they obtain a license, and if the Prime Minister wishes to limit the
guns he must change the constitution, and this is opposed by most of Canadians.
There are some parties calling for limitations on shotguns, yet are still in
debate now and it is difficult to implement. In addition, after all the recent
wars, such as the Gulf War, the Kosovo War, the Iraq War and so on, Canadian
teenagers have seen so much violence, which greatly affects their views of war.
They have questions about whether it is better to be a peacekeeper or a war
fighter. For decades, Canada took a balanced approach to the conflict in the
Middle East. (Afghanistan, Mission Impossible, pg.58)  Then there are the hundreds of seriously
wounded Canadian soldiers, with lost limps, blindness, brain damage or other
forms of severe psychological harm. (Afghanistan, Mission Impossible, pg.44)
Notwithstanding, Nobody is willing to argue that the counter-insurgency
mission in Afghanistan would be worth the lives of a thousand Canadian
soldiers. (Afghanistan, Mission Impossible, pg.44)  And we are living in a world full of terror.
In the horrific 9/11 disaster, Canadians bore great losses. It is evident that
Canada needs to execute some missions to protect itself from the threat posed
by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, but it also can be exaggerated. Ironically, even The
Taliban poses serious threats to Canadian troops in Afghanistan or Iraq even
though they do not pose a threat directly to Canada since invasion is not their
purpose. The Taliban do not pose a threat of the existence of Canada. They are
not about to invade. (Afghanistan, Mission Impossible, pg.44) On the contrary,
the government™s attitude indulges violent people to proceed some bad things. And
we are living in a world full of terror. In the horrific 9/11 disaster,
Canadians bore great losses.

issue of gun control is always controversial. In a way, it can be said that the
more attention to pay is the better. It is relevant to civilians™ lives, after
all. Since there are still some shootings happening in Canada, it has to be
admitted that there is no effective method in order to solve the problem of
illegal guns. Even so, the government or related government departments should
cooperate together to solve the issue.

sum up, Canada is an ideal country for many people to live and study in.
Nevertheless, many of them can™t see the problems which the government needs to
address, and the public security of gun control and immigrant issues are the
most important ones facing Canadian society today.-Y

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