Stand and deliver, the discussion about Angel

Stand and deliver, the discussion about Angel

People™s behavior is easily influenced by the
circumstance he lives. At first, Angel behaves in bad manner as his family is
poor and he doesn™t have the chance to be successful. Then, Angel works hard as
soon as he realizes he has the opportunity to change his destiny. Angel is a
hansom and tall man in the movie. When Angel firstly met Jaime, the teacher, he
insulted the teacher. In the movie, Angel usually hanged out with another guy
and did lots of bad things, like breaking the windows and fighting with others
on purpose. At first, Angel didn™t like Jaime, the math teacher, and he didn™t
listen to the teacher™s word. What™s more, he came late or didn™t show up in
the class.However, finally, he was impressed by Jamie, and he decided to word
hard. Once he said You give me book, I give you protection, based on which,
it can be concluded that, firstly, Angel wants to study, secondly, Angel used
to be rude. In the movie, Angel lives with an old and ill grandma and Angel
needs to take care of his grandma. It is obvious that Angel™s family is poor
and he barely holds the chance to work hard and so as to be a good student. In
the movie, he is a bad student who don™t want to go to school as well as study
hard. What he is interested in is to fight and to insult others. All the above
contributes to his poor family and the lack of opportunity. However, he is a
smart boy. When he knows Jaime, the math teacher treats him well. He knows it
is a chance for him to work well. Like he said I need calculus to help me get
my career. Also his study is influenced by his family, the poor circumstance
told him that he had to be successful to change that. Therefore, we can
conclude that people™s behavior is influenced by the circumstance. Angel, as a
man from a poor family, he knows how to survive and the reason for striving
hard for success.-Y

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