Positive Working Environment

Positive Working Environment

There are several things a manager can do to make your work environment a positive, an environment filled with cooperation team work and joyful. Trust is a basic element for all relationships, so building trust is one of the most important factors to creating a positive work environment. Trust is about committing yourself to your responsibilities and following through with them. When your words and actions are disjoint, then you are breaking trust. Building trust can take long time but it can break very easily if you don??™t handle it carefully. Once it is broken it is very difficult to build it back. It is important to maintain confidentiality. You must never discuss the negative aspects of an employee with another employee,
Communication is key. It is important to communicate openly and respectfully. In order to create a positive working environment each employee needs to be valued. Each employee deserves to have the right to speak his or her mind and it is the duty of others to listen attentively, doing so illustrates that you value and respect every individual. One important aspect of open communication is meeting with your staff and discussing your organizations core values. It also important ask the team for their ideas and suggestions to improve the growth of the organization. Create a feeling of community among employees ensures success in the long-run. Overall, treating everyone with respect and in a friendly manner will benefit the organization in all sorts treating everyone with respect and in a friendly manner will benefit the organization in all sorts of ways. Employees see their work as an opportunity for continues personnel growth and lifelong learning.
It is important to have high expectations from your staff. A good supervisor always has high expectations for her staff and treats them accordingly. From my personal experience my supervisor always expects the most from me. As a supervisor, part of our job is to create a feeling of unity among the staff. When we create a team spirit and identity, staff members will see themselves as a group of people all working towards a common goal, rather than bunch of individuals competing with each other. An important aspect of creating the team spirit is demonstrating that you are open to communication from everyone, including patients and families and staff. When you walk through the unit be sure you smile, be friendly, and acknowledge the people you pass. One other thing you can do is celebrate your coworkers??™ birthdays or other special occasions to show your thoughtfulness.
Give recognition and appreciation to your staff at every opportunity. For example, I have a nurse who works under me who cares for a wound extremely thoroughly and I let her know how much I appreciate her care. I have a CNA who is very responsible and organized. I feel safe when she works. I let her know that I appreciate her hard work. Our company has good practices upon discharge if the patients verbalize extreme satisfaction complementary to the staff, the company then sends flowers to the employees to commend them for their work.

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