Positive Communication with Childeren

TDA 3.1 Communication & professional relationships with children, young people & adults
TDA 3.1(1.1): Why Effective Communication is important in developing positive relationship with children, young people and adults

Effective Communication skills are more likely same with adults and children which includes Always maintaining eye contact and interest, responding to what they are saying and treating them with courtesy and respect.
It helps to resolve disagreements which may cause due to poor communication, opposing expectations, different values and ideas or may be due to some external factors. It helps us to understand behaviour of different people at particular moment, reveal their faces under mask and allows us to develop positive relationships with them.
Effective Communication skills help us to make good relationships at work, and enable us to attain personal and career goals because we are surrounded with individuals who support us in many aspects. The good relationship between team members helps an organization to successfully achieve its mission-vision.
Effective Communication with children not only helps in building professional Carer-child relationship but also improve their communication skills as well. Children usually learn to communicate through the responses of other , the use of effective communication skills like ???giving them opportunities to speak??™, having eye contact and listening them attentively, show interest during communication and giving appropriate reactions to them will help them to feel relaxed and confident and make them effective part of school community.

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TDA 3.1(1.2): Explain the principles of relationship building with children, young people and adults
Building a relationship with others is not an easy task, Relationships are built on warmth, caring, mutual respect and a willingness to listen to and accept one another. For a relationship to grow and become unrelenting, it has to be nourished and maintained. Effective Communication is the main key of building relationships and it also covers other others forms of communication, the other important things which helps in making everlasting relationships are being respectful which means listen and acknowledge other person point of view even they belong to some other culture have different background and beliefs, consider others position and try to understand why they may behave in a certain way, remember issues which are personal to them, good listening skills may also help in developing positive relationships, speak clearly and don??™t distract from the main points of communication ensure that your message has been delivered appropriately and try to be relaxed and see the funny side of the situation.
TDA 3.1(1.3): Explain how different social, professional and cultural contexts may affect relationships and the way people communicate
Face to face Communication and communication through emails, fax or telephone are all different forms of Interpersonal communication. The person who may involve in any of the above types of communication must need to realize the context in which he/she is working and try to justify its requirements as this behaviour has a very positive impact on any relationship. For example a person involved in some formal meeting with adults or other professionals may need to use formal language. Similarly communications with a person who may have hearing impairment require the use of sign language or hearing aids.
During intercultural communication one must always be aware of issues around and try to be polite and act without chauvinism. Cultures have a very strong impact on the way different people communicate, as it is directly related to their values, underlying beliefs and languages. Terminologies, dress codes and non??“verbal behaviour can be acceptable in one culture but can sometimes be insulting in other. So, person involved in intercultural communication must avoid making assumptions about the child, young person or adult as misunderstanding can occur and have a negative outcome.

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