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Challenges of Democracy

We are constantly asked on how we feel about our Democracy in America. Well we do not have a democracy is it more of a republic. A republic is a political system in which the power lies within the citizens. The citizens vote in a head of state, who we call a President, to represent them (dictionary.com,? 2010) . Our founding fathers being as smart as they were considering the times when not many people attended college knew that a true democracy would not work. They knew that people could get ???power hungry??? and try and control the country and want to have all the power. Even to this day we still have our problems even with the changes we have made to adapt to the ever changing society.

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The Framers Intentions
When the Constitution was written it was not something entirely new. Constitutions existed for countries. These educated men knew what they were doing, they had examples to draw upon, and they had experiences with other writings to build on. Other countries such as Afghanistan, Australia, Italy and Japan all have their own constitutions (constitution.org,? n.d.). Unlike many of the other worldwide constitutions ours differs. It can be easily modified by the people. Could you imagine being in that room with the founding fathers drafting the Constitution that we still live by today Do you think that could have imagined that over 200 years later we are still using the same constitution they came up with How many people do you think would volunteer for such a job in modern day society

Civil Rights
One thing that comes to mind on the subject of Civil Rights is Women??™s ongoing battle for equality in society. Women have made major strides in equality as the years have gone on but in many other countries most women cannot say the same. We should be grateful in this country women do not have to cover their faces from society and do not have to live by what their husband says and basically do not have a mind of their own. In our country women can have careers and live their own lives without men telling them what to do and what not to do. Women in the Middle East have been and are denied the choice to work or get an education. A great example is in 1882 married women in England had their property given to their husbands even if it had always been the women??™s property. The opposite is true for Muslim women they always keep their own assets they could specify certain conditions in a marriage contract (Global Connections,? 2002). These are all examples in why our countries society and civil rights is so important to women. We get to choose what we keep and not keep in our marriage of our own belongings, we do not have to cover our bodies and we are always given the right to have an education..

Electoral College
Another thing we have seen in the last few years relates to some of the good and bad things about the Electoral College. Only four times in our history has a candidate won the popular vote but lost the election. I will mention two of the four cases in our history. The first time was in 1824, Andrew Jackson won both popular and electoral vote the catch was no one in the four man race won a majority, or more then 50% in the Electoral College so the House of Representatives picked the winner. They picked John Quincy Adams who came in second in both the majority and electoral vote. But many of us will most likely remember the 2000 election with George W, Bush and Al gore. Bush received the lower majority vote of 47.87% while Gore won the majority vote with 48.38%, but the case was reversed with the Electoral College Gore lost the Electoral College vote with 266 votes, and Bush won with 271 votes (infoplease,? 2010). Many American??™s were not happy with the outcome of the votes. The electoral college can be a good thing in ways because the people who make up the college specialize and have devoted their careers to politics and knowing all that they can about the candidates and they have a better idea of what Is needed in a President, but at the same time the people are supposed to vote on who they feel Is the best candidate and who they want as our president so I see the electoral college as being good in ways but also bad.

Bill becoming a law
There are 13 steps in a bill being accepted as federal law and innumerable minor steps that can make getting a bill passed as law a work of art or a work of friendships and politicians scratching each other??™s backs.

And each of the steps has so many individual steps and ways to derail a bill that many very good bills are probably left on the side each year as others, with more politically connected sponsors, more politicians with large numbers of friends in the house and senate, get their bills passed with ease.
1. Bill is Drafted:? Members of Congress, the Executive Branch, and even outside groups can draft (write or draw up) bills.? 
2. Introduced in House
3. Sent to Committee
4. Committee Action
5. Rules Committee
6. Floor Action
7. Introduced in Senate
8. Committee Action
9. Bill Called Up
10. Floor Action
11. Conference Committee
12. Vote on Compromise
13. Presidential Action (answers.com, 2010).? 

Having this long process is a good way to sort through the good bills and the bad bills from becoming laws. It forces the elected officials to truly think through and study all the facts of the bill and whether or not the law it contains is a good one. We can almost guarantee that if a bill is passed to become a law that it is a good one because of the amount of steps it has to go through to become a law.

The President of the United States
As discussed in week 6, the President wears many ???hats???; by this I mean he has many different jobs he has understand the big job of being the president. We can break them down into seven main ???hats???:
1. Chief of State ??“ The man, who hands out the awards, poses for the pictures, etc.
2. Chief Executive ??“ The ???Boss??? of the Federal Government bureaucracy.
3. Chief Diplomat ??“ The man who meets with other country??™s leaders to talk about problems and ways to help each other.
4. Commander-in-Chief ??“ the head of the Armed Forces of the United States.
5. Chief Legislator ??“ Congress makes the laws, but they still need to pass through this man, who can veto them if he does not agree with them as being in the best interests of the country.
6. Chief of Party ??“ the man who should be out helping others from his political party get elected so they support his programs.
7. Chief Guardian of the Economy ??“ He has to do whatever is necessary to help the economy run smoothly (Scholastic,2010).

Each job is important and I would not want to take away a job from him or add more stress to his life by adding a job. But if I had to pick the most important and least important job in my opinion it would be the Chief of state as the least important and as the most it would be Chief Guardian of the Economy. Being in charge of our economy affects every other job he has and other countries??™ economies because of the amount of importing and exporting we do. If our country is struggling it can affect other countries. I see this as a more important job then Chief of State because publicity photos and interviews I do not see as a bigger importance then our economy.

Bureaucracy is linked into our everyday life more then I believe more people realize. An everyday example would be the Federal Communications Commission, or commonly known as the FCC. They control every telecommunications program we have, our television, our radio, and internet. They make sure when you turn on your radio that you are only getting station at a time and other electronic devices do not interfere with the signal. I think we have just the right amount of bureaucracy in our society at this point in time. I do not think any more or less monitoring by bureaucrats is needed. I think bureaucracy is a good thing because if we do not have bureaucrats to monitor and regulate our food for example then how do we know what we are eating and putting into our bodies has not gone bad or it is just a bunch of processed products thrown together. We need bureaucracy in our lives.

Federal Judiciary
Federal and Supreme Court judges are not elected by the people, they are appointed by the President. Many people feel as if it is not right that the President appoints the Judges and the people do not vote. My opinion on the matter is that if we can trust the president to make important decisions for our country then I believe we can trust them to make the right decision on appointing us Supreme Court judges.

American Democracy Today
The American democracy has many strengths and weaknesses within the system itself. The system??™s greatest strength I think is being just a democracy and having the peoples voice (or rather vote) the deciding factor for the majority of the decisions that are made. I think it is important for the people to have a say because we are bigger than any branch of government we have in place and it affects us people directly and I think since it is going to affect us that we should have a say in the matter. I think the biggest weakness of the democracy is having the party titles. I think it is just labeling people and stereotyping and that people may just vote for someone that is a ???republican??? because that is what they are. Just because that person is a ???republican??? does not mean they will always have the same views. I think it is more like high school in politics then people acting like adults and doing what is in the best interest of the country. Our system is nowhere near perfect and probably never will be, but the benefit of the system we have is we can try and make it perfect; we can modify it as we feel it is needed. I think as long as we keep doing what we have been doing for the past 200 years and keep doing it for as long as our country may live then we are doing the best thing that we see fit and it will keep our country moving.

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