Popular Culture

Popular Culture
Scott Sellers
July 26, 2012
Dr. Rodney Luster

Popular Culture
The novel I selected to critique is For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940). Also do to the fact about the author Ernest Hemingway. His life??™s experiences intrigued me because his hobbies of hunting and fishing, life in war and misfortune with love. Later for me to learn he received the Nobel Prize in Literature and to commit suicide on July 2, 1961.
Hemingway born in Oak Park, Illinois on July 21, 1899 did have other works and writings that were noticed also to include: short stories and other novels how to write a good essay for medical school. His career as a writer began as a cub reporter for the Kansas City Star at the age of 17. He only did this for a few months because he joined the American Field Service Ambulance Corps which lead him to Italy and fighting for the Allies. This sole experience of brutalities in war on his first day at the Italian front of continuous picking up mutilated body parts left him shocked and disturbed. He later was wounded on July 8, 1918, then to be convalesced in a Milan American Red Cross hospital. This is where he meets a nurse, Sister Agnes von Kurowsky which helped him create his first novel, A Farewell to Arms.
I grew up with different opinions also, which lead me to believe that For Whom the Bell Tolls was his most significant influential works. Meanwhile, he gained his experiences to write the novel from being a reporter during the Spanish Civil War. This novel is about an American dynamiter fighting with Spanish rebels to then befriend comrades and find love all in a three day period. The literature fits the genre of a war time novel but how Hemingway writes is very unorthodox then other authors. He used short sentences, short first paragraphs and explicit English. His manner of writing was unconventional and unusual for the time period, let alone in the career of writing and literature. It would be an understatement to conclude his works as ordinary or basic.
Hemingway has a large fan base that touches all over the world. This novel alone was recognized worldwide for many years and still is a sought out item in today??™s society. The sales from this novel alone are through the roof and it was an economic success. The significance of the novel and relating it to my life deploying during war times was ironic. The quotes he would say could make me literally stop and have a philosophical thought that would make me end up having an epiphany on life its self. Also, I later learned about him serving with the 22nd Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division. This is the same unit I was in while serving in the United States Army. That alone was very interesting to me. He wrote of his hardships and the virtue of struggle to include the fact that most people do not make it. At the same time he would show the strength and will to survive during these hardships. He produced great characteristics under pressure that is rare during times of conquest and adventure.
The cultural values reinforced by Hemingway, was to strive for survival, keep courage and integrity. Meanwhile, in the future aspect of what is to proceed from the influences of his writings would be motivation for future American literature students, reporters, true-life inspirational writers and journalism. Some of the challenging ordeals he would provoke would be emotions of lose in faith and hope. This was personal experience he would include in his writings that he knew how to express. These experiences in true-life events came from situations of love and war. Furthermore, he also wrote a story called The Old Man and the Sea which showed a side of him showing a view of searching for a simpler life. Others view the story as an old man fishing then losing his fish and that is what the story is about. The depictions of Hemingway works could be interpreted or perceived in numerous aspects.
Lastly, not only does Hemingway get recognized repeatedly for these writings that I am analyzing, but he has a number of other works that have received just as much recognition. His life is sad and not too many people can probably accomplish the achievements he has. This is a critique of his works and the influence on my life and others around me.

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