Popular American Culture Paper

Popular American Culture Paper
University of Phoenix
SOC 105
April 26, 2011
Byron Williams

Popular American Culture Paper
Today??™s society is one of a kind, in which it forms parts from the past and present cultures. Culture is the outcome of a great achievement of power among diverse community groups, which is based on economic divisions, gender, age, and race. Culture is also the grouping of traditions, attitudes, and standards that divides one group of people from another. Culture can correspond through art, schools, ritual, material objects, verbal communication, from one generation to the next. This paper will be discussing patterns in popular American culture, label values which are being communicated and determine the degree to which the values of popular American society have directly impacted my own decision making.
Popular American culture is continuously shifting. Popular culture is an example of humanity and the symbolic structures that gives such activities weight and meaning. According to Collection Overview (n.d) ???Popular American Culture is defined as popular written literature and broadcasting, popular music, popular dance and theater, certain decorative arts, sports and recreation, and other cultural aspects of social life distinguished by their broad-based presence across ethnic, social, and regional groupings???. The meaning of popular American culture can be different to everyone. There is no universal definition for popular American culture. Popular American culture is spread through word of mouth, media, Internet, twitter, E-mail and facebook.
In popular American culture examples are standard on a daily basis. For instance, a culture focuses on specific relics in music, fast food, and television. Possessions can go in and out of style in our culture like a trend. In contrast, fast food, television, and music can pursue the same without changing. We listen to music that may have been recorded 30 years ago. We also look at television stations like the retro station which airs reruns of old sitcoms. Carl??™s JR has had the same menu for years. Our culture is constantly changing and adding new ideas, styles and customs but some things are never changing.
Music seems to be more common than television or fast foods. Good music and other forms of entertainment can improve and give understanding of balance to our lives. No clear lines are present as to how various cultures a person can be classified by. Popular American culture promotes trust and acceptance among our differences. According to Collection Overview (n.d) ???The music of each culture is a remarkable indication of where each painting has been, what is valued, how it lives, feels, and communicates, and sometimes even its ambition and visions for the future???. Although, the current American culture is constantly changing, the same music is played and loved throughout the generations. Music can be transmitted so easily by mass media, radio, internet, television, ringtones and much more.
Music, television, and fast food each carry individual and corresponding values. Music provides entertainment. We can choose the thoughtful lyrics, subtle sounds of the crooners, the big bands or the shouted obscenities, powerful instrumentals of contemporary rap, and heavy metal. Television also provides entertainment and enjoyment, such as suspense shows, family sitcoms, talk shows, reality shows, and news programs. Television provides a variety of choices for entertainment. Grey??™s Anatomy, the long running TV show, is a play based around a hospital, in which the narrative is about the employees and patients in a hospital. The production deals with existing matters where society is confronted with in our American culture. Junk food gives pleasure and convenience. Our society today is different from years past and preparing meals can be considered a luxury with the influx of two income families and single parent households. Fast food restaurants appeal to busy families. Carl??™s JR??™s menu serves anything from burgers and fries to salads and baked potatoes. Carl??™s JR provides a range of orders to prepare to each customer.
The current American culture has had a substantial influence on personal choice making. Today??™s commercials and videos are always changing our makeup, clothing, and hair styles. The influence of popular American culture has been more dormant since the affects occur without notice. Fast food restaurants provide convenience for those while juggling a busy schedule. Societies usually want fast food over a meal from home when on the go without thinking about my decision.
Many of the items, traditions, and social behaviors in today??™s society are subliminally created through mass media. The way people interact with another person and the volume of character of a person that has for his or her mind are an example of the American society that has been created from mass media. As cultures develop different views, resources and people, American society will reveal to change.

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