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Popular American Culture Trends
These are definitely trying times concerning our Social, Political, Religious, Personal life in America today. With our race diversity, spilt political parties and our religious freedom under attack it keeps these issues in our face daily and are the main topics of conversation in most homes around the dinner table as is in my house.
The biggest issue socially is fear of socializing; most people keep to themselves as they move throughout the day because they may not want to discuss political, religious, social issues. This along with high crime rates and not wanting to get to know their neighbors keeps us in our yards. People live next to someone for years and never go any further than saying hello.
One of the most contentious issues in our culture is our Political situation. Our two main parties are divided more than anytime in our history. The Tea Party movement is a testament to what the people can do when they are fed up with their government. Our elected officials are not doing the people??™s business; it seems they think we are not capable of knowing what is best for ourselves. Case in point the passage of the Health Care Bill. There was an overwhelming percentage of Americans against the Bill, but it passed anyway. That is not government by the people and is not what our founders intended.
All Religions are under attack from someone or somewhere. Serving in the Military over the past 30 years I was exposed to many cultures and religions so I have a sense of what practicing free religion can cost. Our right to practice whatever religion we choose is our most treasured right and must be protected at all cost. That means religious tolerance and there is an example currently in the news taking place in New York City. There is a plan to build a mosque near the site of the destroyed World Trade Center.

It is easy to understand why some New Yorkers and family members of the people killed on 911 are offended by this effort, our Constitution protects our right to practice whatever religion we choose. This issue is one of respecting different perspectives and feelings of others. There is a solution and both sides of the issue need to find it or we will continue to drive a wedge further between our different religions.
My personal perspective on our American Culture Trends is it is under construction, by that I mean the old way of running and changing our government and culture is in a fluid state as more people get involved in the process and so much information is available 24-7. We live from big story to big story so we can Blog, Face Book, E-Mail or have a discussion over the lunch table or at happy hour after work and the elitist-popular-specialized cycle is in full force with our networks not reporting the current administrations shortcomings. Some of us want to keep what we believe are the core tenants of our Constitution our Mom, Dad and Apple Pie Culture intact, believe in a strong Military and a less involved government in our businesses and personal life. On the other hand we have an effort to do the opposite. The beauty of both is we have the right to pursue and support either idea. I believe our American Culture includes a strong desire to be an American first and to support her in good times and bad times no matter what our race or religion is then we can protect our rights and increase our chances of passing these rights on to our grandchildren.

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