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Once upon a time, there was a castle in which lived a king, his daughter Snow White and her step-mom. The princess was named Snow White because her skin was as white as cum. The kings first wife died in extreme pleasure while having an orgasm soon after her delivery. The king was seduced by a whore in a brothel about one year later and he married her. Snow Whites step mom was actually a sexy witch which had a magical mirror. For years, the queen leaned down exposing her ass to the mirror and asked;

-Mirror, Mirror, who has the most charming asshole in this kingdom
-Your asshole is the most beautiful, replied the magical mirror every time and the queen was satisfied.

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18 years later. Snow White had turned into a beautiful young babe and she was so gorgeous that even her father, the perverted king wanted to fuck her. One day the mature queen asked the magical mirror who had the most charming asshole and she was horrified when the mirror replied;

-You do have a beautiful asshole but Snow Whites asshole is close to perfection and it tastes better than yours.

The queen realized that she was no more on the top spot and most males of the kingdom fantasized on Snow Whites asshole. She began to finger her shaved cunt deeply; stroking her clit, in search of an evil inspiration. She finally reached orgasm and called one of her most devoted servant and ass-fucker; Edward, the huntsman also known as Monstacus, for his monster cock. The nude queen caressed Edwards precious drilling tool and said;

-Take Snow White in the woods and fuck her with your monster cock. She is still a virgin and unlike me, she would not be able to survive the extreme pleasure. Bring me back her g-string as a token.

The huntsman stared at the love juice dripping from the queens sopping cunt and asked;
-May I have some advance pleasure my sex mistress

The queen lied on the bed, parting her beautiful legs and Edward pounced on her like a famished beast, twisting his tongue deep inside her flesh…He was about to shove his dick inside her pussy but the queen stopped him and said that she shall satisfy his sexual urge only when he brings back the princess g-string. Edward took Snow White in the woods and while the princess was peeping two bears copulating, the huntsman undressed himself. Monstacus had precummed and smelling the delicate scent, the princess turned around. She bit her rosy lips hornily and admired Edwards glistening dickhead, squeezing her boobs.

-Im sorry little slut but the queen has ordered me to fuck you till death, Monstacus said in a rough voice.

No virgin has ever survived the extreme pleasure procured by my cock, added the hard man. Snow White had a grin on her face. Monstacus was unaware that she was no longer a virgin; her father, the king of cocks, had been pounding her secretly since the past six months. Stripping off her clothes, she swallowed the huge cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the meat. Edward deep throated her and discharged his sticky load of cum on her face. Snow White leaned forward and he banged her hard, slapping his king size balls against her cunt…? 

Monstacus reached an extreme orgasm, as he had never experienced before, and he crawled down on his knees. He could not believe it; he was drained and had no more energy to pound her again. While the princess was licking his gumming dick, he told her that she has provided him the pleasure that none other sluts had procured him before; not even the experienced queen. He took her g-string and spared her life; leaving her nude in the forest, thinking that the wolves would devour her…

The huntsman handed the g-string to the mature queen and she smelled it, licking the crotch to ensure that it belonged to the princess. Then she rewarded her loyal servant as convinced. While Monstacus was drilling her step-moms tunnel of pleasure on the bed, Snow White was walking nude, alone in the woods…She did encounter a wolf along her way but the animal did not harm her; instead it just licked her drenched cunt.

It was almost evening and she was relieved to find a cottage in the middle of the forest. She quickly ran inside and searched for the toilet as she had a strong urge to piss. Snow White could have pissed in the woods but she was too environmental friendly. She was amazed to find such a small toilet; in fact everything was small in the house. While the hot piss flowed down her pussy she began to think whether the cocks of people living in here were small too. She made herself comfortable and after viewing some porno movies and fisting her cunt, she went upstairs in the bedroom and slept in one of those small beds. Soon after, the owners, seven dwarfs named Fucky, Dicky…arrived and they noticed that someone had not flushed the toilet after pissing.

Who has viewed my porno movies collection, said one of the dwarfs angrily. They went to check upstairs and they were surprised to find a babe with such a lovely shaved groin. All of them hopped on the squeaky bed and began to kiss and lick her body madly. Snow White woke up and she was scared looking at these dwarfs. She eventually calmed down and related them her misery, asking them to give her shelter.

-If you want to stay here you have to pay, said one of the dwarfs.
-But I dont have money, said the princess rubbing her slit. Maybe we could make an arrangement.

They finally agreed and told her that if she wanted to stay in their house she had to abide to three main rules; wash their dirty underwear, satisfy their sexual desires and above all, flush the toilet each time she pissed. The princess agreed and they began to undress themselves; although they were short in length, their cocks were big enough to satisfy her, except the youngest one [99 years old only] who had a small prick. The dwarfs organized themselves; two of them mouth fucked her, two pounded her twat and another two dwarfs tossed her salad. As for the youngest one, he managed with the navel…

The mature queen, who thought that she had eliminated her number one contender for the asshole championship, exposed her ass to the magic mirror, asking who has the most beautiful asshole. She was furious when the mirror told her that Snow White was still alive and she was enjoying the pleasures of sex. She realized that her most loyal subject, Monstacus, had betrayed her and she punished the traitor by making a female servant wear a thirteen inch thorny strap-on dildo and bang him till death. The queen disguised herself as a branded lingerie salesperson and went in the forest. She knocked at the door and as Snow White opened, she introduced herself.

-Do you have peephole bras, the princess asked.

The queen insisted to make her wear the silky black bra and she hooked the bra, pulling the straps so hard that Snow White lost her breath and fell down as if dead. Fortunately the dwarfs soon came back from work, they actually owned a sex shop, and seeing the princess not breathing they tried to reanimate her by fucking her cunt and pumping her asshole. The elder and most sex experienced dwarf noticed the peephole bra and as he cut the straps off, the young slut came to life again. They asked her to never open the door to strangers and also to buy lingerie at discount prices during sales.

The queen returned home and she was pissed off when the magic mirror told her that Snow White was still alive. She logged on the net and ordered a double-sided dildo. She poisoned one side of the dildo and went at the dwarfs cottage a few days later. I cant let you in, said the princess. But you can surely come outside, said the wise queen. So Snow White swinged her ass out and the queen showed her the long purple dildo. The queen made a demonstration with the safe side and then handing it to the princess she asked her to try it. But Snow White refused saying she already had one.? 

The mature queen then removed a set of shiny anal beads. The princess was interested as anal-beads had run out of stock at the dwarfs sex shop. She shoved in the beads one by one in her ass but while removing it the string broke and one of the poisonous beads remained stuck in her asshole and she fell down dead. The wicked queen took away the anal beads with her and placed the poisonous dildo in Snow Whites hand to mislead the dwarfs. In the evening, when the dwarfs got back home, they once again tried to reanimate her but in vain. They checked her bra, g-string, they even called the fire-fighters to wash her cunt deeply but the princess did not wake up.

The next day, a prince, who was also the owner of a reputed company called Cuntplus, the number one manufacturer of dildos and vibrators, came at the dwarfs cottage to renew a sex toy delivery contract. The dwarfs explained him the situation and smelling the princess asshole [he had a diploma in Sex Aromas], he suggested to perform an enema. The bead finally came out with the pressure of the water and Snow White woke up. Licking her asshole passionately, the prince asked her to marry him. The kinky princess accepted and then she was pounded by the charming prince along with the seven dwarfs.

When the mirror told the queen that Snow White was still alive, she became so furious that she broke the magical mirror. Unfortunately a piece of glass pierced her ass and her asshole was disfigured to the point that the most reputed plastic surgeons told her that it was a desperate case. The queen could not bear the grief and she ordered one of her another loyal servant, Dickarius, the brother of Monstacus, to fuck her till death with his monster dick.

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