Politics Should Not Decide the Fate of Our Industrial Growth

When Independence dawned, India had the pole position in manufacturing in Asia, barring Japan. This excellent lead was frittered away in the next 50 years thanks to a woolly ???socialist??™ industrial policy which totally restrained India from taking off.

? What we got instead, were inefficient behemoths of the public sector whose every movement was shackled by government diktat. So, instead of an engine of growth which should have propelled India into the lead in Asia, manufacturing in this country became an anaemic sector.

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The major factors that are constraining the growth of manufacturing are well known: poor infrastructure, especially in the areas of power, ports and transport,(a manufacturer has to comply with some 70 regulations, costly investment capital, delays in government approvals, difficulties in land acquisition and to our dismay all the above factors directly or indirectly revolves round our politicians somewhere or the other.
The Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu is being held up due to protests by villagers of the area. These villagers mostly uneducated should change their views as former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has asserted, based on extensive research, that there is no need for any panic as the plant has adequate safety features the politicians are taking undue advantage of the villagers as it would help them to gain votes . after the fukushima incident China is intelligent enough to start 3 new nuclear plant in the country taking the best safety & we Indians are still dependent on our politicians descisions??¦for our country??™s growth..
Let me give you another example..
Mamta Banerjee has put the interests of the local farmers first, that shifted the Tata??™s Nano project to Sanand in Gujarat in 2008, nothing much has happened in the town since then except, land prices in Singur, which had risen to as much as 30 lakh a bigha have fallen to around 6-7 lakh now & and no projects have materialised. But her interest played the vital platform for the then opposition Trinamool Party to oust the Marxist state government. The town has seen no investment so far since the exit of Tata Motors, these businesses have been shuttered and theres very little activity in Singur with increase in unemployment There have been occasional talks of redevelopment, but actual investment flows havent happened.
In 1961, a sub-standard Panchsheel dam was constructed under pressure from the politician just because the elections were approaching & they had to encash their votes but within 6 months the dam bursted & created huge loss of live & public property. Thus, the only interest of the politicians of India is to achieve the political power at the expense of innocent public.
Since independence the factors due to which we are still lagging in the industrial growth is just because of our dependence on these politicians. the industrial development directly
reflects the economical growth of a country the descision of industrial growth should be taken away from these politicians.

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