Man proposes and God disposes

Man proposes and God disposes3

This writer maintains focus by generalizing his job experience and highlighting his professional writing experience. The details with which he describes his professional experience demonstrate the variety of his jobs and experiences. From this introduction we can briefly learn something about his occupational experiences, preferences and pursuits.

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Firstly, the writer manages to communicate a lot on her life experience and professional life in a short amount of space. She shows in detail what she has done before, however, in this part, the weakness of it is that she tries to do too much and loses her focus. The strength of this essay is that the language is colloquial, which closes the gap between readers and the writer.

Hello everyone! My name is Meng Wei and I have lived in the valley for almost 2 years. My first job in my life was in a fast food restaurant as a cashier. I remembered the first time when the customer asked whether I could offer some choices for him, the first time when I found out the counterfeit money and, the first time when I almost lost my temper because of a troublesome customer. All these first times leave me with great and unforgettable memory and help me become familiar with the outside world. This job is repetitive, but not simple. And this job did not require writing. As for the role I want to play in a group, in the light of my personality, I want to be the responsible one because I am confident controlling the whole picture and am serious about the job and the task before us. Honestly speaking, I can never resist the temptation of chocolate, so the flavor of ice cream I like most is chocolate. It looks appetizing and tastes scrumptious.

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