Internship experience

Internship experience

Last year, I spent three
month working as an intern in a big company and work as an executive staff
. As a young and
diligent intern, I worked very hard and sometimes even work late at night.
There™s a regular meeting on Monday every week, which was arranged by the secretary
of the chairman, Helen. Her duty was to collect the agenda items, papers, record
the minutes, et al. One month after I worked in the company, I was informed to
take up Helen™s work as the Monday meeting secretary because she was too busy
to deal with such trifles. I didn™t think I can do that, I came to my superior.
I™m fine to undertake more duties, but the minutes are hard for me as an
outsider, to take for I have no idea about the core business in the company.
Could I start with only a half of the recording? Otherwise I cannot do it well.
My superior agreed with me and tried to reach Helen about my difficulty and
seek her assistance.

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