Communication is Misunderstood

Communication is Misunderstood,

or failure of communication can happen from time to time. Here™s an experience
I would like to share. It was a rather small incident that happened a few weeks
ago when I, with another two classmates, was preparing the documents for a
lecture the next day. We three were like a working group and our job was to
collect the agenda items and related attachments (electronic ones), print and distribute
before the lecture starts.

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On the eve before the lecture day, since all
the agenda items were collected, I decided to print out the files, which were supposed
to be done the next morning by all three of us, without informing my partners.
It™s not an easy job for there were at least 15 attachments and totally 40
copies were needed for the lecture. Thinking back, what I™d done might be intended
to be nice and considerate to my partners.

However, when it
came to the next day, the guy that responsible for collecting document told me
that two of the documents had major updates and need to reprint. You cannot imagine
how frustrated and upset I felt when I heard this! I asked him when he got the
updated paper, and it turned out the paper were sent before the time I print.
It was at that time I felt myself silly not to inform others before printing
just to be nice. Also, I was sorry for the 200 pieces of paper wasted for printing
the non-updated documents.

So it™s
obviously there™s a missing part of transmitting messages here. There™s no even
no vreceiving and interpreting oral and other signal for another people  in the incident. If the guy had kept me informed of the updated documents
once he got them, or if I had informed everyone beforehand that I was going to
print the document, the incident would not happen. Therefore, In the process of
an activity that involved different independent parties, like people work
together to achievement something, communication or the message exchange  play a very important role as it™s a Communication is a transactional process and should be put in the first place.-Y

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