Activity plan

Activity plan


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a:Asking service provider to provide a clear code of conduct Before the service activities start According to current situation and demand of the company, service provider should prepare a clear code of conduct in advance. In this way, the service would achieve an adequate level. Documents and assessments of the current situation Clients, Service provider providing a clear code of conduct report

b: I would consult external providers of HR services. Because they have professional skills on code of conduct, they know various conduct of different types of people. They would give me a accurate code of conduct according to the particular case.

c:  The monitor activities can be achieved by managers. Line managers can make an assessment according to employees behaviour and their work attitude. The other way is to ask employees monitor each other, once an employee violate the code of conduct then the behaviour can be found in time.

d: Building up a HR policy which include the code of conduct, gives a clear indication of this policy and its practices. Apart from that, when new staffs start their orientation training, this policy should be introduced in first time to let employees know its importance and consequence if anyone violate it.

e:  By convening a meeting with clients and service providers, when discussing about the SLA detailed rules. Adding the code of conduct as a rules into the SLA.

f: The effective implementation by HR of a code of conduct is an important factor to business and operational success. It is a guarantee to make sure every staff and service activities are observe the standard rules and policies, therefore, there is no extra events and the HR service delivery would has done well.

g: I believe it is the sense of responsibility that ensure me adhered to the organisation™s code of conduct. As a staff of the organisation, observe the work principle is a must. Therefore, I think it is my responsibility to observe the code of conduct.


a: Firstly, I would investigate whether the information is from the human resource officer. If it is, I would give a warning or punish to that officer according to the code of conduct. If not, I would take this case as an example, to let human resource officers realized the consequence of leak work information.

b: The consequence can be very serious. Sexual harassment is very harmful to the victim, the leak information could becomes the second damage. Besides, other employees will take precautions against their colleagues, in case of themselves suffer that situation.

c: Employees are talking about this kind of things will have an influent on their working efficiency, as a result, they may waste their energy on the gossip and the business affairs would be influenced.

d: I prefer to emphasize the ethical expectations and behaviours in regular meetings of our department. Apart from that, if there are some employees did something bad in ethical, I will give a strict punish within the scope of company policy.


a: It in breach of the laws which state that the employers cannot reject to recruit the female employee because of the gender.

b: I will reject the service provider™s suggestion, and tell manager that young women may have more advantages than older women, it is not a wise decision to reject them just because they may run off and get pregnant™.

c: The documentation may include the legal policy in SLA, which state that all business activities should obey the government rules.

d: By introducing similar cases happened before. For example, introducing other companies who treated young women in that unethical way during the recruitment, and show the serious consequence and the negative influence on their business.

e: If there are enough human resources, build up a department responsible for monitor this kind of affairs. Besides, emphasizing that the importance of confidentiality requirements and the policy-related requirements to the company, set some punish for unethical behaviours.

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