A person who has an influence on American history

A person who has an influence on American history.

In the history, in the
eyes of the Americans, President Roosevelt is most of the positive evaluation,
President Roosevelt is a great president of the United States. In the world, including
many socialist countries are given a high evaluation of President Roosevelt, he
changed the world. This is the basic point of this article.

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In many peoples eyes,
President Roosevelt does have a lot of controversy, especially his opposition.
President Roosevelt began in 1933 as the president of the United States since,
until his death in 1945, his re-election, the 4 terms president , 4 terms government,
far beyond the currently prescribed by the constitution of the United States
presidential term of office, in many peoples opinion, this is a manifestation
of democracy, because of this, he was much criticism. Another point is that the
implementation of President Roosevelts new policy is also the most
controversial. On the one hand, President Franklin D. Roosevelts new deal is
known fascist, dictatorship and, on the other hand, President Roosevelts new
policy was also many new forms of Bolshevism is to strangle the capitalist
system of the United States, the Communists. Even some people will President
Roosevelt and the same period of Hitler and Mussolini parallel contrast and
vilifying President Roosevelt.

However, the contribution
made by President Roosevelt is not to be denied, and he made a contribution far
beyond his shortcomings. First, President Roosevelt over economic crisis of the
great depression in the US, the America into a thriving world superpower, not
only in economy far ahead in the world and military strength and political and
diplomatic influence are greatly impact on the world.(Blang,Mark(2003),
The Formalist Revolution of the 1950s,Journal of the History of Economic
Thought,25,2:145-156) Secondly, headed by President Roosevelt, the United
States led the Allies largely overcome the fascist aggression, the end of
Mussolinis aggression in Europe, great threat to Hitlers arrogant, in the Far
East, shortly after the death of President Roosevelt, two atomic bomb to Japan
forced to surrender. Once again, President Roosevelt has set up a new world
order in the world, and has brought the worlds new diplomacy, internal affairs
and anti colonial ideas to the people of the whole world. Finally, President
Roosevelt, in the United States, the most important is to establish a new
national intervention of liberalism, which makes the United States to revive,
and thus also get the world to emulate.

President Roosevelts role
is positive, and he has a good reason to become an American and even the
worlds people. He opened up the a new political concept, save the United
States, the United States toward prosperity; he ended the Second World War,
save countless human life; he changed the pattern of the world, since then, the
world will not tolerate tyranny, not tolerate aggression, does not support the
war. President Roosevelt deserves the respect of the people of the world.As for
those negative for the president of the evaluation, we can not be ignored, or
against people slander President Roosevelts contribution to the United States,
to the world and make contribution, the contribution made by human beings in
the future, we should also contain President Roosevelt as president 4 facts,
that is because caused by the United States and the world has a special
historical period, when the world is at war, when the country is in the crisis
of the great depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt re-election four U.S.
presidents is understandable, should also respect, even to think of it, the
death of President Roosevelt, is for the United States and to give his life for
the world of. Posterity should respect President Roosevelt.-Y

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