In the student teaching process, I think my role this time is to be an observer and a critical learner.
Before, I had given or been given many pre-class presentations as a student, but never have I enrolled in student ???teaching???. So it??™s really new and mysterious for me. Yes, there are many similarities between student teaching and the pre-class presentations, but there is no doubt that student teaching is another form of class design. I tried to observe how the first group develop their idea and learn from their merits.
They did a wonderful job. From the flow of speech to the content and the movie they chose, I can see the efforts they put in there. First, the background information is very useful. I only knew typhoon and hurricane before class, and they added tropical cyclone into my word list. Hurricane Camille, after reading the text, I only thought it was a very devastating hurricane, but never imagined that it was the second largest land falling hurricane in the United States. After their background information, I had a much more wholesome and vivid picture of Hurricane Camille in my mind. Second, I appreciate the vocabulary they chose for us very much. Especially some phrases, both the explanation and example sentences are very impressive. For example, give way, they gave us five different meanings of the phrase and each followed by a sentence, that??™s really very considerate. Third, they made their teaching easy to understand and follow. Their speed tempo is very suitable for giving a lecture. Each of them maintained a confident smile, and their posture is very good. In total, I like their job very much and can really learn something from them. will writing service norwich
They movie Perfect Storm is very well chosen. Along with Face to Face with Hurricane Camille, it is very touching and think-provoking. What is most important in our life Human lives and love. ???Christina, do you hear me….no goodbye, only love??? that??™s what Bobby said before he was swallowed by the sea. Human lives are more valuable than material possessions. Christina magically said what Bobby wanted to tell her before death. That makes the story more moving and make us can??™t stop thinking ???What??™s most important in our life???. Though in the text there is also a devastating storm, the Koshaks are much more lucky. They lost practically all their possessions, but the whole family came through the hurricane. So, they lost nothing important. They were alive and they can start all over again. Even if they hurricane did not stop so timely, I think they were still lucky. When faced with the hurricane, they were with their beloved ones and they fought and struggled to the last moment. There would be no regret if they could not survive it. The most touching scene is that, Grandmother Koshak reached an arm around her husband??™s shoulder and put her mouth close to his ear and said ???I love you???. And grandpa turn and said ???I love you???, without his usual gruffness. That??™s enough already. The different ending of the movie and the text make me naturally sympathize with the refugees who suffered so much during and after the storms. In the meanwhile, the value and power of human beings is reaffirmed: we cannot determine what will happen next, especially when it comes to the nature, it??™s really hard even to predict what will happen around us. But one thing is unchangeable, that is we can and we should make our full effort to live every single minute to the fullest.
This way of learning is helpful and I really appreciate the in class word and phrase pickingup after watching the movie. It??™s a little bit challenging for me to remember every phrase and expression, but I??™ll try my best in the future. The student teaching process makes me eager to read the text beforehand. It is really helpful, I only had the habit to review before. And this method really leaves us much room to think and develop our own ideas. Though I can??™t say that I changed a lot from this, but I believe I will make a lot of progress from this.

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