Equanimity is considered a positive quality of character. But it is most often for others. So, a person who has equanimity, in public will not show himself emotionally: neither in a deplorable, nor in a joyful situation.

Everything from this is just convenient. For him, this equanimity can be obtained not so simply, because emotions, somewhere must be postponed, splash out. If there is no way to splash out or show them at this moment, you should learn to find ways and solutions for such a splash.

The only thing that can not be done this way: in one place (at work, school, etc.) we remain equanimity, and at home we throw out the whole tub of the accumulated house. This should be a kind of relaxation: for example, a gym, yoga classes, etc.

To look at the recommendations for training equanimity can be in the textbooks for diplomats.

Equanimity and tranquility

For those who are intelligent and use equanimity in their direct designation, this quality is regarded as reasonable calmness, the ability to maintain one’s own dignity and honor.

Equanimity and phlegmatic

Most often, psychological portraits of equanimity can be seen in the characters of phlegmatic people.
For their calm and equanimity it is very difficult to unravel the real feelings and emotions that this person experiences.

How to train equanimity

Psychological trainings build the scheme of work as follows:

You must leave all thoughts about yourself;
Liberation from thoughts of small things;
Gradual approach to the ideal

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