Pospad Leads the Way

Introduction Unizul as an institution steeped in tradition, culture and history, provides the didactic needs of students drawn from throughout the Africa continent. Alumni passing through this haloed sanctum have spawned leaders in politics, law, education, science and the health disciplines. Unizul is facing challenges from varying quarters vis-a-vis competition from fraternal state universities to […]

The Meaning Transfer Model

The Meaning Transfer Model McCracken (1989) explained the effectiveness of celebrity endorsers by assessing the meanings that the consumer associated with the endorser and eventually transfer to the brand by suggesting a three stages meaning transfer model. First, when a celebrity endorses a product in an advertisement, the audience forms associations. The meaning associated with […]

Positive Working Environment

Positive Working Environment There are several things a manager can do to make your work environment a positive, an environment filled with cooperation team work and joyful. Trust is a basic element for all relationships, so building trust is one of the most important factors to creating a positive work environment. Trust is about committing […]

Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement Motivational skills are very important on a workplace. Highly motivated employees will work harder and be more productive than those employees without motivation. There are many ways to motivate employees and a good manager will develop several motivation skills to be effective. However, we are going to focus on Positive Reinforcement and how […]

The Meaning of Literature

The Definition of Literature Brittany George Dr. Albert Turner, Jr. English Composition II August 19, 2010 The Definition of Literature Literature is composed of various types of written works. There are several categories that fall under Literature such as major forms of literature, genres of literature, literature media,and literary techniques. However, the two most important […]

Positive Reinforcement

WA1 1 Writing Assignment #1 Leslie Halsell PSY 101 ??“ Online Daniel Kachur February 16, 2010 WA1 2 Writing Assignment # 1 Though some people might be quick to assume, that all positive reinforcement is positive and all negative reinforcement is harmful, and therefore tailor their guidance skills strongly in the positive reinforcement direction the […]

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life Though I??™m young, inexperienced in many areas, and have not yet lived life to the fullest, I have found the three omni-present passions I know I will always live for: the yearning for valuable relationships, an undeniable connection with music and the lifelong search for God. Without my knowing, these three […]