The Medicated Child

???The Medicated Child??? A PBS Documentary For well over 20 years pediatricians, family physicians and social workers have tried to help out distressed parents and their afflicted children. Parents have sought out their help for many reasons. In the piece we saw today, it focused on four families with children that presented abnormal symptoms of […]

The Mediating Role of Ems Teamwork as It Pertains to Hr Factors and Perceived Environmental Performance

Journal of Applied Business Research ??“ First Quarter 2007 Volume 23, Number 1 The Mediating Role Of EMS Teamwork As It Pertains To HR Factors And Perceived Environmental Performance Bonnie F. Daily, New Mexico State University James W. Bishop, New Mexico State University Robert Steiner, New Mexico State University ABSTRACT Little management theory or empirical […]

Postmodern Consumer Culture Reflected Through Financial Corporation Advertising

Critical analysis of visual material provides an excellent insight to the social and cultural formation of a particular period. By analyzing visual language, representations and signifiers, one can gain a comprehensive understanding of significant paradigms that dominate any given time. This essay will explore various examples of advertising strategies and corporate identity within the field […]

Posters, Pamphlets and Prints the Ways and Means of Disseminating Dissident Opinion on the Eve of the Dutch Revolt

Chapter 7 Posters, Pamphlets and Prints: The Ways and Means of Disseminating Dissident Opinions on the Eve of the Dutch Revolt. When Maximilien Morillon, the vicar-general of the metropolitan see of Mechelen, wrote on 7 June 1567 to his master and confidant, Cardinal Granvelle, then in Rome, he was in a rather cheerful frame of […]


On Grafting the Vernacular: The Consequences of Postcolonial Spectrology Ghosh, Bishnupriya. boundary 2, Volume 31, Number 2, Summer 2004, pp. 197-218 (Article) Published by Duke University Press For additional information about this article Access Provided by Madurai Kamraj University at 05/10/11 8:15AM GMT On Grafting the Vernacular: The Consequences of Postcolonial Spectrology Bishnupriya Ghosh […]

The Meatrix

The Meatrix The presentation is subject to the viewpoint of anti-meatpacking industries. The Meatrix was trying to show how the reality of the harsh meatpacking industry is different than the ways of a subsistence farm. The cruelty shown was surprising because it said most of the animals do not even see the outside or even […]