The Little Mermaid

There once was a mermaid unlike any other mermaid. Her name was Ariel and she was the prettiest mermaid under the sea. Her sisters, Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, and Alana were all extremely jealous of her and would constantly try to sabotage her life. Although her sisters were continuously trying to hurt her, Ariel […]

Activity plan

Activity plan 1? a:Asking service provider to provide a clear code of conduct Before the service activities start According to current situation and demand of the company, service provider should prepare a clear code of conduct in advance. In this way, the service would achieve an adequate level. Documents and assessments of the current situation […]

Porject Proposal

The page content needs to inform the customers in detail, and conform to the type of audience in which the Website attracts. To produce the content to which will benefit, and grow businesses. The majority of the content will be in text along with some pictures to give visualization to the readers. Pictures are an […]


SCI/275 Week 4 CheckPoint: Population Size One of the four factors that produce changes in the population size would be changes on the global scale; this change is brought upon by changes in the amounts of births and deaths. When dealing with a smaller scale such as local populations, for example those found in the […]

Unpopular Chinese Festivals

— Usually, festivals bring people a lot of joy, and people look forward to and are fond of festivals. However, this may not be true of Chinese festivals. In recent years, those traditional Chinese festivals have been gradually left out in the cold. Chinese festivals are becoming increasingly unpopular due to the attraction of Western […]

The Lion King

Directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, The Lion King takes place in the Pride Lands of Africa, where a lion, Mufasa, rules over all the other animals as King. King Mufasa has a newborn son, Simba who is soon taken on a tour of the Pride Lands, and taught about the ???Circle of Life???, […]


Population After looking over the census for Cleveland City and Bradley County I have come to two several different conclusions. The first, being that we are growing at a very rapid pace. From the 2000 Census till the 2010 Census the area saw an increase of 15,091 people making that 1,509 a year. We have […]