Porphyrias Lover

The poem ???Porphyria??™s Lover??™ written by Robert Browning is a dramatic monologue with the main themes of sex, madness, insanity, murder and obsession. These themes are also portrayed through Bowning??™s use of poetic devices. In the first four lines of the poem Browning opens with a dramatically gloomy atmosphere by using the technique of pathetic […]

Porphyrias Lover

Porphyria??™s Lover The poem ???Porphyria??™s Lover??? by Robert Browning features a significant moment which further develops the central idea of the poem. Browning explores the darker side of love and passion that develops into jealousy, obsession and possessiveness. The poem is written from the perspective of Porphyria??™s elusive lover. As the love and passion between […]

The Little Prince Essay

Syreeta Sanchez Professor Peter Scheponik English 101 Online 7 24 February 2011 The Little Prince Analysis The human characteristic that Antoine de Saint-Exuperys classic, The Little Prince, displays is compassion. The little prince expresses compassion to almost everyone he encounters. His compassion fosters a new understanding of relationships to other characters such as the lamplighter […]

Chicago Folklore Prize

Chicago Folklore Prize  ,?1904 First awarded in 1904, the Chicago Folklore Prize, awarded to the author(s) of the best book-length work of folklore scholarship for the year, is the oldest international award recognizing excellence in folklore scholarship. Occasionally, a joint recipient is also selected. The prize is offered jointly by the American Folklore Society and […]

American Indian History and Culture

American Indian History and Culture  40000 The Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections features significant original materials on the history of native peoples of the Western hemisphere. Thousands of rare books document Indian life-ways, and manuscript materials provide documentation of the work of anthropologists, collectors, and ethnologists. The centerpiece of Cornells American Indian holdings is […]